Where Should You be Playing Slots Online?


Slots have been around for well over a hundred years now, although it’s fair to say they’ve come a long, long way in that time.

Invented in 1895 by a mechanical engineer, Charles Fey, in San Francisco, California, the first model devised by Fey would be called the Liberty Bell. By pulling a large steel lever at the side of the machine, a series of cogs inside the machine would spin up, setting three spinning reels in the machine in motion.

Eventually, the reels would stop in a random position. Should the reels show three liberty bells in a row, the player would win a 50-cent jackpot – equivalent to around $15.45 in today’s money.

The idea and the game caught on like wildfire, surviving even through a 1902 ban on slot machines when cash prizes were swapped for things like chewing gum and cigars – giving birth to the phrase ‘close, but no cigar’.

Now celebrating their 123rd birthday, slots have undergone a series of huge changes transforming from mechanical ‘one-armed bandits’ to true electronic slot machines, controlled by microprocessors and with exciting new game elements.

The latest innovation has been the move towards online slots, with millions of players around the globe competing to win massive cash jackpots every single day. So, where should you be playing slots online? Here’s our essential guide.

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A Casino with an Amazing Mobile Experience

The way we gamble online has been changed forever, and we’ve got the internet to thank for it.

Easier, faster and more mobile than ever before, casinos can now be with us wherever we are, ready to go at the drop of a hat. The best casinos now not only play brilliantly on laptop or tablet screens but on your smartphone too.

Whether it’s a casino with a dedicated mobile app, or a casino with a website which scales beautifully to your smartphone, like All Slots Casino and Jackpot City, the ability to play slots anytime, anywhere is simply too good to pass up.

A Casino with your Favourite Themed Slots

The world of slots is, today, a huge one. More than just spinning wheels, many new slot games are themed after your very favourite mobile games, movies and TV shows. In fact, just about anything you can think of, there’s a themed slot game to suit you.

We’re talking about mega-franchises like Call of Duty, Tomb Raider and Resident Evil, alongside mobile hits like Bejeweled and so much more. So, spend a little time examining your casinos themed slots and decide whether they’re right for you.

A Casino with the Biggest Bonuses

The online casino world is a competitive one, and so casino operators have taken to offering massive bonuses to get you to sign up.

These bonuses come in many shapes and sizes, from free spins to sign-up bonuses giving you free cash for joining the service. A leader in this space is Royal Vegas, with Online Slots, the authority on Royal Vegas bonuses, reporting up to $1200 worth of bonuses for those signing up.

They’re far from the only name in the game though, so do your research and find the perfect casino to launch your slots career. Who knows, you might just win big!


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