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Hello Wonder Tactics Players! Some of you have been asking me questions about the game, so over the next few days, I’ll be writing some basic guides on some of the game’s feature, useful Monsters and what are the things to look out for.

I’ve been playing the game for almost 2 months now (since soft launch) and I must say that the game does have the potential to be equally as popular as Summoners War especially since they are developed by the same group of people. This guide is meant to cover some of the basic game features that are currently available. Please let me know if you have other questions and don’t mind the grammar/spelling errors!

Town Basics


1. Game Currencies

Energy – You need energy to enter Campaign Stages, Secret Dungeons and Tower of Treasures. Recharges 1 every 5 minutes.
Stamina – Stamina is needed to participate in Glory Battlefield. Recharges 1 every 30 minutes. Cap at 10.
Gold – The MOST IMPORTANT currency in the game! Gold is used to strengthen your Heroes such as Power-up, Evolution, Transcend, Awaken, Enchanting Weapons and Gems.
Crystals – Your cash currency. You use it to do Luxury Summons, Inventory Expansion and Buying Gold.
Diamonds – Diamonds are special currencies which you can only get by buying Crystals or participating in PVP. You can use diamonds to buy Limited items such as Rainbow Gem, Crown Angel, Light-Dark Scroll or Legendary Hero Scroll.
Fortress Key – Use for entering Ancient Fortress. Recharges 1 every 30 minutes. Cap at 5.
Mine Key – Use for entering Abandoned Mine. Recharges 1 every 30 minutes. Cap at 5.

2. Town Features

There are a few things you can do in town that can help improve your overall gameplay.



You can use Glory Points to upgrade your relics to improve your hero’s strength or your currency recharge time. For example you can upgrade the Book of Knowledge to give more bonus exp gain for your heroes or the Hourglass to shorten your Energy recharge time. Glory Points can only be obtained by participating in PVP.



Send your heroes on Exploration missions to gain random items. The better the rarity of the Hero you send, the higher the chance of obtaining better items. Depending on the map, each exploration map can takes from 2 hours to 8 hours to complete.

Summon House


Throughout your journey in Wonder Tactics, you’ll have a chance to collect Scrolls through either events or the Cash Shop. The Summon House acts as a Bag Space to house these scrolls. Also, Hero Pieces collected from Secret Dungeons will also be kept here. You’ll need to collect 20 – 40 – 70 Hero pieces to be able to summon a 2* – 3* – 4* Hero respectively.

Glory Shop


This is where you spend your Glory Points. Items sold are fixed and separated into Daily, Weekly or Monthly reset. The most important thing you should get is definitely the Shiny Hero Scroll. Other items are based on how active you are in PVP and whether or not you need the item urgently.

Black Market


Similar to the one in Summoners War, the Black Market refreshes every hour from the time you visit it. Occasionally, you’ll fine good stuff in there such as 6* Equipments or Level 5 Gems. This is a place you want to visit often at higher levels when you complete collecting most the important heroes.

Combat Features

There are many things you can do in Wonder Tactics besides grinding your Hero’s level or farming for gold.


Quest – Currently, there are 7 different Quest Maps, each with it’s own set of stages. There are 3 different difficulty levels; Normal, Hard and Hell. The map you’ll want to grind on is actually Normal mode -> Skull Rock Pinnacle -> the furthest stage you can complete with 3-star. This is the most cost effective difficulty to grind on. Although Hard and Hell mode gives slightly more exp and gold, it requires more energy to enter and the chance of your low level character dying is higher. Overall, it’s just not worth grinding on higher difficulty levels unless you have a super strong level 40 Hero to carry.

Secret Dungeon – While grinding through the Quest Stages, there’s a chance where you’ll encounter a Secret Dungeon. There are 3 difficulty levels. Easy drops 2* Hero Pieces, Intermediate drops 3* Hero Pieces while Advanced drops 4* Hero Pieces. You’ll also be able to enter your friend’s Secret Dungeon once they complete theirs.

Ancient Fortress – This is where you’ll farm for your equipments. The deeper you go, the higher the chance of obtaining better equipments. The formula for item rarity is Basement level +1. For example; at B3, you’ll usually get 3* and below items and also a very small chance of 4* equipments. However, you cannot get 5* items at B3. You’ll need to go at least B4 for a shot at getting 5* equipments.

Abandoned Mine – This is the place where you’ll farm your gems. Similar to the Ancient Forest, The deeper you go, the higher the chance of obtaining better rarity gems. The formula for gem rarity is Basement level +1. For example; at B3, you’ll usually get 3* and below gems and also a very small chance of 4* gems. However, you cannot get 5* gems at B3. You’ll need to go at least B4 for a shot at getting 5* gems.

Tower of Treasures – This is the place to get free Crystals and other assorted items. There are 100 levels for players to challenge. Each time you complete a level you’ll get 1 Crystal. At every 5s Stages (5, 15, 25 etc.) you’ll get 10 Crystals and every multiples of 10 stages, you’ll be able to get different kinds of rewards. Complete Stage 100 and get yourself a Legendary Hero Scroll. The Tower of Treasures will reset every month so if you’re really lucky or a big whaler, you’ll be able to get a Legendary Hero every month!

Nest of Trials – This is the place where you’ll put your party of heroes to the test. Score points by attacking the Boss Monsters and compete for high score with players in your server. Each day, from Monday to Friday, one boss dungeon will be unlocked for you to challenge. You have 5 tries per day to get your high score. On Saturday, all 5 Boss Dungeons will be unlocked and you’ll be given last 5 tries to tackle the boss you think you can score higher. On Sunday’s reset, all 5 boss scores will be consolidated and ranked. Players will receive rewards according to the amount of damage you deal. There are NO Boss Dungeons on Sunday.

Glory Battlefield (PVP) –  This is the place where you’ll compete with other AI controlled players. Each day, there will be a 10% boost to a certain element so you might want to arrange your PVP team according to the boosted element. There are no Elemental boost on weekends. There are 2 Victory Bonus; win 7 Battles and get 30 Arena Points and 100 Glory Points. Win 10 Battles and get an 3 extra Stamina Keys. This 7(10) battles must be players on the current Opponent List Page. Therefore, you’ll not get your Victory bonus if you defeat 7(10) opponents from different refreshed list. Tip: always look through the current list and make sure you are confident to win at least 8 opponents (in case you lose one) before you engage your first opponent. Refresh the list if necessary. 



Skills – The Skill System in Wonder Tactics is a little complex and not as straight forward compared to Summoners War. For simplicity sake, I’ll only be explaining the 3* and above Heroes. There are 2 Active Skills and 2/3 Passive Skills called Traits for each Hero.

Active Skills

When Heroes attack, they will hit opponents in the same row as them first. When there are no more enemies in the same row, they will then attack the row above them followed by the last row. Red – Attack | Yellow – Friendly Buffs

 Skill Area  Description
 red_1  Targets the Back row of the opponent
 red_4  Targets the Front row of the opponent
 red_9  Randomly hit 3 targets
 red_7  Targets all Characters in a straight line and below/above it. Can be two  squares above or below.
 red_8  Strictly targets the area shown in the picture.
 yellow_1  Single target, anywhere depending on the skill and positioning
 red_2  All 9 area
 red_5  Targets the same row you’re at. If no opponents in the same row, the above attack rule will apply (Top then Bottom)



Traits can only be unlocked by equipping certain gems of the required level or above into your equipment. Therefore, it is important and also difficult to find the equipment with holes that match your Hero’s Trait requirement.

Each Gem type has it’s own set of stats.

Gem Red (Ruby) Blue (Sapphire) Green (Emerald)
Round Attk Def HP
Rhombus Crit Rate Crit Evasion Speed
Square Penetration Attribute Res Attribute Up
Triangle Crit Damage Crit Def Recover
Heart Accuracy Evasion Revive


Attribute Res – Resistance to opposing Attribute’s damage.
Attribute UP – Increase damage to opposing Attribute.
Accuracy – To apply the intended skill ability such as DOTs, Debuffs or Multiple Attacks
Evasion – The ability to evade the skill that will leave DOTs, Debuffs or Multiple Attacks.
Recover – Increase healing amount.
Revive – HP recovery from entering next wave.

Evolution – Similar to most Korean Monster Breeding games, Players will need to level cap your Heroes and Power them Up to +5 before they can be used for evolution. There are 2 types of Evolution, Fixed and Random. Like the name suggests, Fixed Evolution means evolving the current targeted Hero to the next rarity, while the Random Evolution means that you’ll get a random Hero of the next Rarity level. Both Evolution requires you to have 2 Max level-ed and Maxed enchant Heroes.

When using the Random evolve system, you’ll always get a Natural random unit of the next tier level (ie; you will not get a 4* version of a 3* Hero or when you evolve to a 5* tier, you will not get 5* version of a natural 6* Hero). However, there is a special case for Legendary Heroes. Legendary heroes are not tied to the tier system. When evolving to the 4* tier and above, there is a chance for you to get a Legendary Hero of the tier you are about to evolve to (ie; combining 2 – 3* Heroes can get your a 4* Legendary Hero). 

Transcend – The current maximum level for Heroes is level 30. However, you can transcend your heroes and increase their level cap by up to 10 levels. Each time you transcend you’ll add 2 levels to the hero. The hero must be 6* and the sacrificial hero must be the same 6* unit. You can use a Crown Angels as a substitute material. Crown Angels can be gotten from the Glory Shop or Cash Shop.

Awaken –  Each Hero (3* and above) has 2 skills and one of them can be awakened. Awakening a skill makes it more powerful and sometimes increase the targeted area. Only 6* Heroes can be awakened and the sacrificial material needed must be a 6* Hero (of any unit).


  1. Hi, where did you get the following information?

    Attribute Res – Reduce the effects of Dots and Debuffs.
    Attribute UP – Increase the effects of Dots and Debuffs.
    Accuracy – The ability apply the DOTs and Debuffs.
    Evasion – The ability to evade the DOTs and Debuffs.
    Recover – Increase healing amount.
    Revive – HP recovery from entering next wave.

    I know the recover and revive are explained in the in-game guide, as well as earlier patch notes. What about the rest?

      • I asked on facebook about some stats, and this is what they replied to me. facebook.com/wondertacticsglobal

        “Attribute Resistance-attribute resistance to the opposing attribute (fire hero attacks earth hero, earth hero with attribute res will receive less damage). Attribute up works in a similar way. When it is applied, it increases the attribute damage done to the opposing hero (fire hero attacks earth hero, fire hero’s damage increases). Crit Accuracy is the same as crit rate, it was a translation mistake on our part which will be fixed on the next patch. We apologize for the confusion and stay tuned for the tips!”


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