3 New Clash Games by Supercell


Supercell had recently announced 3 new Clash games in development! This is the first time Supercell is announcing a new title in development prior to any soft launch.

Clash Quest

First up we have Clash Quest, a turn-based tactical adventure strategy game. Players who have played the previous Clash games will find the game nostalgic as we’ll see familiar troops such as the Barbarian, Prince, Archer, Giant and etc. Even the animations and attack patterns are similar. There’s a slight puzzle element in the game as Players will do more damage when the same type of troops are placed together.

With this new title, Supercell will be introducing more elements to the Clash world. For example, there will be bosses in the game and even weapons for your troops to equip.

Clash Mini

Clash Mini is a strategy PVP game using miniature characters that looks like chess pieces.

You and your opponent will be placing your miniature troops at the same time. However both of you are not able to see each other’s placement until the preparation phase is over. This is quite an interesting concept as you will never know how your opponent will place their troops and what troops will they be bring to battle.

Clash Heroes

Clash Heroes seems to be a Hack’n’Slash game with quick 5-10 minutes RPG fun. The game is still in early development thus we do not have more details on it.

Check out the official website for more information.

Official Site


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