Aeon Wars: Galactic Conquest – It’s Time to Rule The Galaxy


Mars Game had recently launched their brand new mobile game Aeon Wars: Galactic Conquest. Players who are interested in the game can now download it from your local App or Play Store.

Aeon Wars is a strategy war game played in an outer space setting. Players will take on the role of a commander who is in charged of rebuilding a space station. To do this, you will need to mine for resources, build up defences and pillage your enemies. If you’re new to the strategy war genre, it is best you do not skip any of the tutorial dialogues as the game can be a little overwhelming to new Players.

To make things easier for comparison, think of it as a typical Castle Builder strategy game where you have to gather resources, train troops and build up your defences against enemy pillages. This is the same concept as in Aeon Wars but this time, instead of defending a castle, you will be protecting a Space Station.

The coolest feature of the game is probably the in-game graphics. Players will be able to view your Space Station and Colony Ship in a stunning 360-degrees view. With the 360-degrees viewpoint, you will be able to better understand your surroundings thus building better defences for your Colony Ship. Not only that, it actually gets the Players to be better immersed in this world. It feels like I’m really a commander of a Space Station at outer space in a sci-fi drama.

My personal favourite is definitely the combat in the game. Since everything can be viewed in 360 degrees, you can practically attack your enemy Ship at all angles. This is definitely the most unique point for a strategy war game. During assault, Players can use different strategies such as a full-on attack, distraction on the frontline or you can even stealthily attack the enemy at a blind spot. Regardless of which strategy you use, the 360-degree viewpoint is definitely an eye-opener to most mobile gamers as we usually only deal with 2D or 3D graphics.

Building management plays a big part in the defensive mode of the game. Players will not only need to build powerful defense turrets, placement of these turrets also play a big part in preventing enemy assault. Having a 360-degree battlefield is also a great challenge when it comes to building your colony defences.

The only downside for the game is that everything can be a little too small if you’re playing it on a mobile device. Although, this can be easily solved by pinching or turning the screen, I actually enjoy seeing my attacks through the “eagle-eye” view.  This will definitely be great if you’re playing it on tablet devices.

Whether you’re a solo gamer, a team player or a PVP enthusiast, the game has many different game modes that can cater to you. The game has an Alliance mode where Players can gather together to play cooperatively. Also, if you enjoy PvP, you can compete against other Players to become the most powerful commander in the galaxy! Do you have what it takes to be a ruler of this new world?

Aeon Wars: Galactic Conquest is now available for download on the Apple App store and Google Play Store. If you would like to be one of the first commanders to conquer the vast galaxy, hurry and download game now!

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