Afterpulse – Android Pre-registration


Gamevil has announced the global pre-registration event for Afterpulse. The game has been out on iOS for quite some time now and is finally ready to be launched for Android!

Afterpulse for Android is one of the most innovative third-person mobile shooters on Google Play today. As the only shooter featuring true four versus four synchronous PVP gameplay on top of device-defying graphics, even the most die-hard pc shooter enthusiasts will be impressed.

Gameplay has been elegantly reconstructed to fit the needs of mobile gamers everywhere with intuitive touch screen controls, slick UI design, quick respawn times and infinite ammo. Players can enjoy network-stable matches thanks to top-notch server technology normally reserved for games of the grandest scale. Realistic animations and natural-looking weapon and equipment textures help keep players immersed in the experience as they participate in competitive free-for-alls. 

Players who sign up will receive notification once Afterpulse launches on Google Play. The pre-registration campaign will be available globally and users can sign up today. Once the game officially launches, players can receive special log-in rewards. Google Play users will also be able to compete with the existing iOS player base at launch.

Pre-register Here


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