Alice Fiction – Tier List and Reroll


Here’s the reroll and Tier-List for Alice Fiction.

Reroll Journey

  • Complete the tutorial and perform your first Tutorial Gacha
  • Highest star rarity for Gacha is 3-stars
  • You can only get 1 3-stars character via Tutorial Gacha (Amadeus, Musashi, Lancelot, Hippocrates, Asclepius). Suggest getting Lancelot or Asclepius as Musashi is on Featured Banner.
  • Continue Quest and retrieve gems from your Mailbox and Gacha on the Featured Banner
  • On Title Screen > Menu > Delete Player Data > Begin Reroll
  • Roll until you get at least 3 3-stars characters
  • The good news is that you can skip the tutorial phase after your first run

Tier List – List is subject to change on Day 1

Character Element Rating Details
Amadeus Light A – Skill Bind on enemy
Archimedes Water S
Asclepius Wood S – AOE Heal
– Cleanse Debuff
Hippocrates Water B
Joan Dark A
Kenshin Earth B
Lancelot Earth S – High Damage attack
– Ignore Def
Longinus Light A
Musashi Fire SS – High Single Target damage
– Increase length of panel breaking
Qin Shi Huang Earth SS – Def Break for 3 turns
– Debuff on enemy to receive 10% more damage from weaker type
Rousseau Wood S
Surtr Fire B
Ushiwakamaru Dark SS – Attack up to 4 enemies
– Good for clearing thrash mobs
– Def Break on up to 4 enemies


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