Archero – The Lone Archer


Just 3 days ago, a friend of mine introduced a simple roguelike game for me to play and boy it’s very addictive! Published by Habby, the game can be downloaded on both the App and Play Store.

Archero is a simple roguelike action game where you control a lone archer and defeat enemies in different world and dungeon. Each play-through is unique as the Map is randomly generated and the abilities are also random.

The fun thing about the game is that, each time your character dies, you’ll have to start all over from the beginning and lose all the abilities you have collected while leveling in that adventure. However, you can still collect currencies to unlock passive skills that will help you in your next adventure.

The gameplay is pretty simple, all you have to do is move and avoid shit in the game with simple one touch controls. When you stop moving, your character will automatically fire projectiles to hit the enemies.

Each time you level up in an adventure, you’ll be able to pick 1 of the 3 random abilities that is generated for you. The more often you die (restart and adventure), the more you’ll be familiar the different abilities and choose the one more suited for that particular World. My personal rule of thumb is that, you must always pick Ricochet and Multishot once it’s available.

Although everything in the game screams simple, it is actually a very addictive and challenging game to play. I have been trying to defeat World 4 for the past 24 hours now but I’m still finding it difficult to pass some of the thrash stages. I highly recommend the game to those of you who want something simple and get away from all the grinds from your Gacha game.



Android Link
iOS Link


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