Argent Twilight – Now Available in Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore


Nexon announced on Thursday, Nov. 10 that the mobile character-collecting RPG, Argent Twilight: Secret of the Dark Orbs developed by Nexon Korea, will begin service in Australia, Singapore, and Hong Kong via Google Play and Apple App Store.

In July, Argent Twilight launched on Google Play and the Apple App Store in Canada and Malaysia. It has now expanded to include Australia, Singapore and Hong KongIt is a strategic turn-based battle and character-collecting RPG featuring vibrant anime-style graphics. The game provides a complete battle experience where players combine the unique skills and attributes of more than 300 heroes to form an optimal team set up for victory.

Players can also participate in “Resolute Battlefield,” a PvP mode where players engage in tactical combat, “Conquests,” intense PvE boss battles and the main story in which players will unravel the secrets of the Dark Orbs.

To celebrate the opening of Argent Twilight’s new service regions, Nexon will be hosting a login event giving out various rewards such as “Diamond Feathers” (items that summon 4-5 heroes), as well as “5Skillbooks.” Additional rewards include “EXP Boosts,” “Super Leveling Potions,” and “Rubies” which can be used to improve heroes up to 6.

Nexon will also be hosting the “Djur’s Mysterious Pottery” minigame until Wednesday, Dec. 14. Users can play a card match game to obtain various growth materials as prizes. There will also be daily missions where players collect letters of the alphabet. If all letters are collected, players can exchange them for a “Diamond Feather” that can be used to obtain a 4-5★ hero.

Plans are still in motion to add additional service regions beyond Australia, Singapore, and Hong Kong so that players across the globe can enjoy Argent Twilight.



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