Astra: Knights of Veda – Tier List


Here’s a quick tier list for Astra: Knights of Veda!

Reroll Guide (Do this only if you have the patience to reroll)

Rerolling requires quite a bit of time (~10-15mins). The usual applies, you create multiple emails and play the game. It is better to work around a team with the first 5* you summon.

  • Tutorial Roll – Pray for something good
  • You should have enough to roll the Beginners Banner 3 times (you will need to exchange some stones from the shop).
  • You are only guaranteed 1 5* character for the first 5×10 summons. Anytime you pull a 5star character, you can 1. Choose to continue the first banner to enjoy the discounted price or 2. Proceed to the normal banner to accumulate the Pity Bar (Grace of the Holy Grail).

Note: If you are rerolling on Steam, access the game via your Folder so that you can logout your account. 

Tier List

As usual, this list will constantly be updated as long as I’m playing the game, so check back often for updates! Do note that the scores are based on the following criteria:

  • Rarity of Character
  • Power of the Stars (Element)
  • Ease of Control
  • Skillset

PS: In my opinion, Melee characters are slightly easier to control as there are limited space for Range characters to roam about in combat (PVE). The hitbox for certain obstacles seems to be larger than what is displayed. 


Character Stars PVE PVP Description
Atterisee Poison S S
– Poison Damage good for Fights with huge HP
– Decent AOE target
Saeya Water S S – Tank with self-heal capabilities
Edward Fire S+ SS – High damage with Burn
– Decent AOE
Sansar Light S+ SS
– Light means she’s good for early stages
– ST damage
– Summon Wolf to help with dmg
Sarka Electric A S+
– High ST damage
– However, skill brings you to melee range
Eliyar Blood S S
– High ST with bleed
– Skill 1 slightly weak compared to other 5* characters
Arin Darkness S S+ – Skill 1 Stuns
– Skill 2 Ignore Def
Albert Earth A+ A – Highest Def
– Skill 1 Reduces ATK
Xanthia Darkness S+ S
– High Damage with reduce resistance
– Great AOE attacks with DOT
Aurora Light S SS
– Fast and High damage with Signature
Veleno Poison S- S
– High Damage with reduce resistance
– Great AOE attacks with DOT
Leon Blood B B+
– Cast Skill 1 to protect range characters
Yanko Earth B+ A+
– Cast turret to deal extra dmg for the team
Rani Light A+ A
– Light characters good for early game
– Decent ST damage
Orlik Earth B C – Leon is better
Marthel Electric B+ B – A little squishy but does decent damage as tank
Lucian Light B+ A
– Light characters good for early game
– Decent Range Healer
Ardor Fire A S – Decent ST/AOE dmg
Nayan Water A B+ – Melee Healer
– Easier to control than Lucian
Capecchi Poison B A
– Requires enemies to be in dmg area to apply dot for Skill 2
Andrei Fire B B+
– Requires enemies to be in dmg area to maximize damage
Liam Darkness A B – Decent Melee Attacker
– Easy to Control
– A little Squishy
Elias Electric A B+ – Decent Melee attack range
– Easy to Control
– A little Squishy


Updated on 2nd May 2024


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