Athenion: Tactical CCG Guide – Use Pre-Built Decks to Dominate Your Opponent on the Battlefield


Pre-built decks are a great way to conquer the battlefields of Athenion: Tactical CCG. You can buy them in the shop, and they’re designed to make the most of the skills and powers of the faction you choose.

This guide is going to give you an idea of just how useful each pre-built deck can be. We’ll look at skills, combos and focus on some rare cards that can turn the tide of a scrap if you use them at the right time.

Shadow Realm

The Shadow Realm deck is designed to utilise the gothic powers of the faction. Whether it’s spawning new units, making the most of the cards in your graveyard or flooding the board with minions. Comboing Tenebrig Abyss Lord with the likes of Grave Zombie creates a dangerous team that’s hard to clear.

Witch of the Dark is a great support unit that’s cheap to play. It’s strong enough to take a hit and creates a Dark Matter whenever you play it on the board. Combo it with Nyx Child of Nightfall to get a super strong force for pretty cheap.

Divine Grace

The power of the Divine Grace pre-built deck comes from the support the cards can give to each other. With auras and healing powers, you can easily keep powerful units alive for a lot longer than normal.

Blademaster Alma is an attacking force that can do massive damage if you combo it with Sacred Magician. Try and get your enemy to focus on the support units and you’ll be surprised how long Blademaster Alma will stick around for.

Cyclone Fury

The Cyclone Fury deck is the most mobile of the pre-built decks. A lot of the cards will move other units around, letting you stay one step ahead of your opponent. Sagit the Chimera is a great and cheap way to keep your more powerful units in the action by moving them into attack positions.

Bevin the Ambusher is a useful card when you need to clear a big unit from the board. Put it in the right position and it’ll gain backstab. And on Awakening it gains Stealth, making it invulnerable for its first turn.

Planet Guardian

The Planet Guardian pre-built deck requires you to learn about Colossal Trees. Plenty of the cards spawn them and plenty more use them to buff and boost their own skills. The Forest Guardian might not look like much, but throw a few Colossal Trees on the board and it becomes a powerful killer that costs just 1 point to play.

Beast Tamer is a card that deals some big damage and can also change the fortunes of others on the board. On Awakening it lets you swap the health and attack scores of a friendly unit, which can keep units on the board for longer than your opponent had planned for.

Tidal Nether

The Tidal Nether deck focuses on the Link skill. This lets you connect together units to power them up. Comboing together Tidal Spirit and Silver Pincers makes a defensive unit that deals damage at the end of the turn.

Sword Spirit is one of the most powerful cards in the deck. Not only is it strong on its own, any units that are linked to it gain a plus two to its attack score. It can link horizontally or vertically, which makes it an incredibly useful tool.

Fire Legion

This is one of the most powerful pre-built decks thanks to its focus on attack. There are units that deal damage to friendly cards, which will trigger their berserk skill. Drop an Axe Runner on the board, then use a Flame Caster to anger it and make it even more powerful when it attacks.

Flame Spirit typifies the smash first, ask questions later of the deck. When it takes hit from an ability it attacks a random enemy for two damage. And it’s got more than enough hit points to do it a few times as well.

If you haven’t already you can grab Athenion: Tactical CCG from the App Store and the Google Play Store right now.


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