Aura Kingdom II – Official Launch


X-Legend has announced the launch for the global version of Aura Kingdom II. Players who are interested in the game can now download it from your local App or Play Store.

Aura Kingdom II is a mobile MMORPG based on the PC MMO, Aura Kingdom. At the start of the game, Players can choose to play as one of the four following classes; Dragoon, Shinobi, Elementalist and Nymph. Each of these class specializes in different weapons and fulfill different roles in a party. Players can choose one that best suit your playstyle and conquer the realms in Aura Kingdom.

Gameplay wised, Aura Kingdom II is similar to most mobile MMO where most of the game can be played automatically including auto-pathing and combat. One of the key highlight of the game is the Eidolons system. It is actually similar to the pet system where Players can collect over 40 different Eidolons to join your adventure and fight alongside you.

Apparently, there are many events running now that can help you quickly get strong so hurry and download today!



Android Link
iOS Link

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