Balala Little Fairies Crush


Nine Key Interactive has recently launch a brand new Puzzle Mobile game, Balala Little Fairies Crush. The game is now available on the App and Play Store. If you like Puzzle Bubble type games, read on to find out more!

Balala Little Fairies Crush is Puzzle Bubble alike game based on a famous Chinese Comic called Balala The Fairies. With newly-added levels, Passkey and Boss-pass, Balala Little Fairies Crush is more strategic than other Puzzle Bubble typed games. The Boss will appear randomly making the game more exciting and unpredictable, while some special levels will provide props as rewards.

kbp_balala_game1 kbp_balala_game2

Key Features:

1. Drawn from Chinese famous comic Balala The Fairies, it highly restored the image of each character and pet.
2. Based on classical Bubble Puzzle game, it added more than 20 kinds of special balls, BOSS system, hundreds of levels to challenge you!
3. It will bring you back to the wonderland of Balala with cute Spirit and many kind of maps.
4. Coffee, Peanut…Four pets in Balala The Fairies made its debut in the game, and everyone will offer you powerful props with magical effect.

Nine Key Interactive


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