Bandai Namco Launches Tamagotchi Adventure Kingdom on Apple Arcade


Bandai Namco together with Apple, have come together to announce the launch of Tamagotchi Adventure Kingdom on the Apple Arcade. iOS Players with an active Apple Arcade subscription can now download the game via the App Store.

Tamagotchi Adventure Kingdom is allowing players, for the first time, to explore a whole continent of the Tamagotchi planet in a mobile open world that is filled with hundreds of colorful characters who will ask for your help and take you on a quest you will never forget.

Join Mametchi on an epic quest to restore harmony to the Tamagotchi planet after a mysterious meteor impact. Travel through the Tamagotchi world by foot, car, or train, and explore stunning 3D environments, from the enchanting Patchi Forest with its mystical trees and unbelievable hot springs, to the fun-filled Guru Guru Town with its sandy beach and thrilling theme park rides, and onto the bustling streets of Tamagotchi Town that are packed with mysteries and excitement.

Based on the trailer and screenshots, the game feels like a Tamagotchi version of Animal Crossing. If you enjoy sims or city-building games, you’ll probably enjoy this one!

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