Battle of Blades – Gameplay Introduction


Two weeks ago, Square Enix had announced that they will be publishing a 4v4 MOBA type mobile game, Battle of Blades (バトル オブ ブレイド). Now, they have finally revealed some of the gameplay mechanics of the game. Read on to find out more!

Battle of Blades is a 4v4 MOBA game developed by the original Rise of Mana team. Surprisingly, there will also be a single player story mode in the game.

Like many MOBA games out there, characters are split into different roles such as Attackers, Supporters or Balanced. Each of these characters will have their very own Skill Tree where you can build and customize them according to your playstyle. Currently, there are 60 different characters that Players can collect. You can acquire new characters through the story mode, events and finally, Gacha.

Tweaking with the passive tree is only first step in building your character. Equipping them with different powerful weapons will affect the type of skills they can use. Currently, there are 7 different weapon types, Sword, Great Sword, Dual Wield, Spear, Gun, Bow, Staff and Fist. Weapons of 4-5 Star Rarity will have an additional Limit Break skill.

There are several interesting game modes in PVP. For example, there is “Deathmatch”, “Capture the Point”, “Capture the Flag” and a “Raid” mode. Each of these modes will only last for 180 seconds to give Players a speedy and yet exciting battle experience.

The pre-registration event for the game has already started so hurry now and book yourself an awesome weapon!

Pre-register here



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