Blade & Soul Mobile – Tencent Launches No Wipe CBT


Tencent has announced the Close Beta launch for their latest mobile game, Blade & Soul Mobile. The game is currently in it’s close beta phase with no-wipe. Read on to find out more about the game.

Co-developed by NCSoft and Tencent, Blade & Soul Mobile is a simple Collectible Card Game based on the popular MMORPG, Blade & Soul. Made with the Unity engine, the game hired over 51 famous artist from Japan and Korea to produce all of the 500 different cards in game.


Players will take on the role of a young “pervert” protagonist who happened to found a Ring that lives a Ring Spirit. The Ring Spirit thought that you’re pretty strong thus tempt you to go on an adventure, promising that there will be young and beautiful ladies on the way.


Each character in the game has it’s own unique skill. Players will need to consider how each character will complement and synergize against the other when forming your deck.


Like most Collectable Card Games, the main highlight for Blade & Soul Mobile is the card’s art-style. Gameplay is really simple and idiot-prove thus even if you do not understand Mandarin, you’ll still be able to pick-up the game.

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Here’s a quick Gameplay Video:


Download APK From Official Site



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