Bleach: Soul Rend – No Wipe Beta

828 has announced the beta event for their upcoming Bleach mobile game, 灵魂撕裂 (Soul Rend). The good news is that, there will not be any data wipe after this beta test so players are safe to progress in the game.

灵魂撕裂 is a side-scroller Action RPG based on the famous Manga/Anime, Bleach.

Players will be able to recruit all the key characters from the Manga through the Shard System. If you’re lucky, you will get enough shards to immediately unlock a character.

The game utilizes the 2D side-scroller graphics with old-school, arcade style sound effects. It gives me the nostalgic feeling of playing an Arcade game such as Golden Axe.

What’s a Bleach game without flashy Bankai skills? 灵魂撕裂 allows Players to upgrade the Bankai skills for Lieutenant rank and above characters. As your character grows stronger, he/she will be able to unlock more powerful Bankai, each with its own unique animation.

Lastly, there’s a dating system in the game where you’ll be able to date all the female characters from Bleach. It is basically a time-based login mechanic where you’ll pick who to date every few hours and the female characters will give you some freebies.

The game started it’s beta event on 10 May 2017. There will not be any wipe so Players who are interested can actually start playing the game now.

PS: Like most Chinese games, there is VIP system.



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