Blustone – RPG Tapper Game


Today I’ll be introducing a Tapper game that I had came across while browsing through my Facebook feed. The game is called Blustone and it’s published by VisualShower Corp.

Recently, there has been a surge of Tapper games in the Mobile and PC market. Personally, I am not a fan of such games as I don’t see the fun in tapping/clicking on the screen for countless hours, just to see the numbers grow bigger and bigger, after which, change from AA to BB to ZZ. It doesn’t feel engaging to me but rather, I’m tapping/clicking my time away. However, some might argue that the numbers look therapeutic.

Blustone is slightly different as the game adds some RPG story-telling element, broken down into stages for players to uncover. This is something different from the usual Tapper games which tend to only have one User Interface throughout the whole game. Although this is not something ground-breaking or special, but at least the developers try to be different and it does help to make the game feel non repetitive.

There are several Anime-type cutscenes at the start of the game which help to breathe some life to our Main Protagonist. However, the audio for these cutscenes are terrible. New characters are gotten through the Gacha system unlike the usual tapper games where you unlock them with Gold.

VisualShower Corp


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