Brave Sword X Blaze Soul (ブレイブソード×ブレイズソウル) – Pre-registration


From the Publisher of Full Bokko Heroes, Drecom has just announced the start of the pre-registration event for their latest mobile game, Brave Sword x Blaze Soul (ブレイブソード×ブレイズソウル)



As of now, there is not much detail given for the game’s system or mechanic. However what I know is that the game supports a 4 player co-op raid system. Since the game is from Drecom, i believed it will not be too shabby and from it’s teaser site, it seems that there are a lot of fan service given.



Pre-register for the game now and get 5 free gems when the game launches. There is also a flying gacha even going on now so.. try your luck in getting one of these AA cards or the S card.

kongbakpao_braveswordblazesoul_game2 kongbakpao_braveswordblazesoul_game5



Pre-register Here


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