Browser-Based MMORPG Dragon Awaken Gets a New Card System in Major 3.7 Update


You may not have come across Dragon Awaken yet, but if you’re a fan of browser-based RPGs like RuneScape you’re sure to love it. 

This explosive, colorful, retro-tinged MMORPG is one of the best examples of the genre. Developed by Game Hollywood, it sees you getting into fast, tactically demanding turn-based battles with fantasy monsters and ordinary humans from around the globe. 

Storywise, Dragon Awaken sets you up as a knight who attacks a dragon in its lair. Not only do you manage to avoid being eaten or burned to a crisp, but you actually come away with dragon powers.  

Naturally, this makes you a Dragon Knight, and it’s your destiny to join the order of the Dragon Knights, form a party, and start killing bad guys – for that is the Dragon Knights’ sacred creed. 

The Heroes on offer are all drawn from familiar myths and legends, and they all come riding their own mounts, including Griffins, Dragons, Pandas, and other fearsome beasts. 

Dragon Awaken is a tactical RPG, so party management is everything. You’ll need to deploy your forces properly to maximise their impact, shoving the tanks at the front, the ranged fighters at the back, and so on. 

You’ll also need to keep them levelled up and equipped with the best gear and weapons if you want to survive the game’s punishing single-player dungeons and arena-based PvP battles.

And there’s more. Dragon Awaken comes with a whole library of fun minigames to break up the action and let you earn XP and items for your heroes. 

Dragon Awaken first arrived on the scene four years ago. Since then it’s been updated countless times, with each new update making the world progressively richer and more satisfying to navigate. 

The latest update, 3.7, is the biggest yet, adding a whole new Card function to the gameplay. This feature adds five classes of cards to the game, allowing you to earn XP, level-up, claim free chests, and more just by building up your collection. 

There are cards for the majority of in-game characters – and when you loot the same card you can upgrade that character. This addition is massive in the way it allows you to further upgrade your hero, and subsequently makes progressing through the main game even more enjoyable. This is definitely the perfect time to start playing Dragon Awaken, so click here to check it out right now.


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