BTS Island: In the SEOM – Pre-registration has Begun


Hybe IM Co., Ltd has announced the pre-registration event for the upcoming BTS Island: In the SEOM mobile game. I guess this is something for the ARMY to spend some time with while BTS is on a temporary break.

BTS Island: In the SEOM is a casual social simulation game where Players can make memories with BTS. Decorate your own island, BTS Island: In the SEOM! Decorate your own BTS Island using different themed items! Go fish, swim, play ping pong, box and light up fireworks! Enjoy adorable scenarios with Today’s Missions, and receive plenty of rewards!

Graphically, I’m liking the “clay” design of the BTS members. They feel more chibi and the game does give off the casual chilling vibes.

Pre-register for the game now and receive the “ARMY BOMB Stand” prop that you can use to personalize your very own island. If you place it near the BTS characters, you can enjoy their special interactions with the prop.


iOS Pre-registration

Android Pre-registration

Official Website


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