Cave Shooter is available now! Take your weapon and protect your own tribe!


The most recommended idle mobile game, Cave Shooter, is finally available on Android and iOS worldwide! With more than 2 million pre-registered users around the world, you can get rich pre-registered gifts when entering the game, including the cute pet, Neko Hunter, to accompany you to adventure!

[Ruin Exploration to Build Your Own Tribe]
Here you will enjoy the freedom to construct any building of your choice and build a charming tribe in your name. Each building is featured with its own function, where activities related to Talent, Forge, Adventure, Pet, Hunt, etc. can be performed! With a personalized tribe, you will get to indulge in a more relaxed and enjoyable gaming experience!

[A Randomized Room System with Abundant Gameplay]
Over 10+ rooms with different yield and gameplay to be explored. These room types, yield, and gameplay are all generated randomly to bring in a sense of unexpected excitement!

[Various Distinctive Gods with Diversified Skill Combinations]
The variation of combat gameplay is credited to the seven Gods along with the Great Artisan who is characterized by the weapon modification technique. In different battlefield circumstances, up to a hundred skill combinations are available, with a variety of combat skills, rare skills, legendary skills and dual skills to be uncovered!

Pick up your weapons, gather your friends and return to the primeval forest to build and protect your tribe! Download it right now, and go on that fantastic adventure!


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