ChronoBlade – Soft Launch


Netmarble has recently announced the soft launch of their upcoming mobile game, ChronoBlade. Players from Canada and Singapore can now download the game from your local App or Play Store.

ChronoBlade is a brand new side-scroller ARPG published by Netmarble. There are hundreds of battles across the Multiverse awaiting Players to challenge. Take on the role of one of four inter-dimensional heroes, each with their own unique skill sets and specialities, to keep the Chronarch Imperium at bay!


Controls are similar to most Action RPGs, which means that it’s mostly intuitive. A small complain that I have is that, there are a little more buttons than the usual ARPG, which means if you’re playing on smaller screen devices, it’s going to be clattered and if you’re on the bigger screen devices, you will need to stretch out to tab certain buttons.


1. A fast-paced beat-’em-up action RPG of the highest caliber
– Omnidirectional movement, multiple attack styles with dynamic offensive and defensive controls all come together to create fantastic action-filled gameplay.

2. A large-scale world that combines elements of fantasy, Sci-Fi and more
– The four main Heros of ChronoBlade may all hail from different worlds – fantasy, Sci-Fi, and steampunk empires. Join in on their epic saga across the multiverse.

3. Real-time PvP Accompanied by Multiple Player Modes
– ChronoBlade offers real time PvP play. Participate in practice matches, or compete against other heroes across the globe to gain and amass a stash of impressive Rank Points.

4. More than 100 Skill Combinations
– Each of the 4 Heroes have over 20 unique moves and powers, which players can use to create over 100 combinations of skillsets to customize their playstyle. Players can build up endless variations of gameplay action in ChronoBlade.

5. Over 2,000 Unique Items that Alter Hero Appearances!
– While journeying through the epic saga of ChronoBlade, players collect elements for equipment upgrades that alters the appearance of the Heroes when equipped. ChronoBlade, the weapon that shares the same name as the game, is an extremely superb legendary item! Be the first to get epic loot and boast about your ChronoBlade adventure!

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