Chronos Gate – Sneak Peak


Madhead, the Hong Kong based developer for Tower of Saviors has announced some information on their latest mobile game, Chronos Gate.

In eons past — when the world was first formed — the Creators were came into being. They worked together creating everything that exist in the world, and from what they built, the three Realms were formed combining all in space and time. Yet, allowing time to flow freely meant that the myriad timelines began merging into one, bringing the world to the edge of collapse. Thus, Chronos, Keeper of Time, was forced to build the Chronosgate to ensure both the continued existence of individual timelines and also their inter-connection.


Yet, the connection between dimensions prompted conflicts affecting all of the realms’ factions. One of the races, the Creatures, even exploited the opportunity to invade the other realms, leading to widespread wars. To settle their disputes, the Creators’ sole option was to seal off the Chronosgate. Order was then restored across the vast swath of space and time allowing the various races to ever-lasting peace, or so they thought.

I have no idea what’s the gameplay like but heard it’s still going to be a connect-3 game. Stay tuned here for more news!



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