Dragon Collection


2 weeks ago I was pretty bored and decided to look for a new Anime to watch. Then I came across this particular Anime which reminded me of Pokemon and decided to catch a few episodes.
Based on a popular mobile CCG released in 2012, Dragon Collection has clocked 8 million accounts created. I’ve tried the original Dragon Collection game, gacha-ed a SR however, the game was kinda too old school for my liking.

Now, Konami will be releasing a new version of the game which is tied to the plot of the new Dragon Collection Anime ドラゴンコレクション RPG~少年と神狩りの竜 (I have no idea what is it in English but it’s called Dragon Collection RPG 少年與狩神之龍 in Chinese).



If what I read was right, the game uses conventional RPG element where you have to move between maps, talk to NPCs, to find clues for your next dungeon hunt.


As for the battle system, it’s just a simple tap on the cards that you want to attack  with (HARLOW bravefrontier). If you have played the original Dracollec, the elemental advantage of Fire>Grass>Water is still around. One of the feature I like is that, in addition to leveling your card through feeding cards, you can gain exp for your cards while fighting in the dungeons thus… no more tedious feeding!!


The game is set to launch somewhere in May and the Pre-registration for Dragon Collection is out. Sadly, it will be out on Android first with no confirmation date for iOS. Guess I’ll have to wait ~

PS: If you’re bored, go catch the Anime.. haha although it’s clearly for the younger audience :S

Pre-register Here (just enter email on the 2 blanks and check your mail for confirmation)


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