Dragon Encounter – Dragons Set Loose on November 25


Asiasoft (Playpark) has announced that their latest mobile game, Dragon Encounter, will be launching on 25 November 2015 for the SEA region (Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam). Pre-registration event has been going on for some time now. If you have not register, remember to check out the links!

Dragon Encounter is a dungeon-based fantasy RPG which allows players to party up in real-time to clear raids, bosses and quests. The game features three different classes – the Archer, the Wizard and the Warrior. The game offers hundreds of equipment and costumes for players to customize their favourite look.

Dungeon ss

Pre-register for the game now and get yourself 500 rubies when the game launches. Also, an added 1000 rubies will be given when 5 Facebook Friends have been successfully referred.

Pre-register Here


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