Dragon Quest Celebrates 30 Years Anniversary With Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Crossover


30 years ago, Dragon Quest makes its debut as one of the most influential game in the Console RPG genre. Today, to celebrate 30 years of awesomeness, Square Enix has announced the crossover collaboration between the two of their most popular titles, Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy.

The collaboration takes place in two of their current popular mobile games, Dragon Quest Monsters Super Light and Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (Japan version).

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

The FFBE & DMQSL event will take place from 30/6 to 20/7 and players will be able to gacha new Dragon Quest Monsters into their roster. There will also be an event that allows Players to collect special DQMSL weapons and armors.


Dragon Quests Monsters Super Light

Odin, Gilgamesh and Bahamut will make it’s appearance in the DQMSL and FFBE collaboration. Similar, Players will have a month to farm these special bosses and stand a chance to acquire the special Odin character.

kbp_ffbe&dqmsl_collab_pic3 kbp_ffbe&dqmsl_collab_pic4

Login DQMSL between 1-4 July and get yourself a special Mog monster.






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