Dragon Quest Monster Super Light Event 1


The first event for DQMSL is here! It’ll be a hunting quest event where players will get to fight with the King Bubble Slime!

The King Bubble Slime will appear at the new Special Quest for the first time!

During the event, if you defeat the King Bubble Slime in the Special Quest [The Bubble King Must Die], it might join your team!

[Event Period]

2015/08/04 15:00~2015/08/11 14:59 (GMT +8)

[Event Quest]

Special Quest “The Bubble King Must Die”

Event Details:


Easy Mode

Mission ① Clear without dying
Reward 1000 Friendship Points
Mission ② Find Antidote
Reward 10000 Gold


Normal Mode

Mission ① Clear without using items
Reward Gold 20000G
Mission ② Capture cyclops
Reward Liquid Metal Slime x 1


Hard Mode

Mission ① Clear with 3 member party including a support
Reward king egg x 1
Mission ② Capture  onion
Reward Liquid Metal Slime x 1


Hidden Mission 1 – Clearing with 3 Monsters


    • most of the time, the monsters tend to target the same monster throughout the whole dungeon. While fighting thrash monsters, you’ll know who they usually target. Mine’s always the healer

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