Elune Saga – Official Launch (Now on iOS)


Elune Saga is the latest card battle RPG game published by Gamevil. If you like Summoner’s War or Hello Heroes kind of Korean Mobile games, here’s a new one for you!


Similar to most Korean Card Battle games, Elune Saga is packed with many gameplay features and events that will definitely keep players busy for hours. There are 200 over souls for players to collect, each one of them provides different skills or buffs for your characters. There’s also the auto-battle feature for competitve players to take advantage of while working or schooling. Similar to Summoner’s War, the game’s adventure mode has a light story for RPG fans. There’s also PVP and event maps that will keep competitive players busy.


Game Mode
There are several things to do that will keep players busy.
1. Adventure Mode (story quest with 3 difficulty levels)
2. Arena Battle (PVP with AI controlled Players; Rank match with rewards)
3. Friend Battle (PVP with AI controlled Players on your Friend List)
4. Sealed Cave (Limited time Dungeons)
5. Tainted Dungeon (Get your evolve Material Here)
6. Endless Labyrinth (Battle Endless wave of monsters with limited turns. Kill more monsters within the limit and get rewards)

Screenshot_2014-11-23-19-34-57 Screenshot_2014-11-23-19-34-39


Unlike most monster card battle games where you bring your monsters to battle, Elune Saga works differently. Players will summon cards called Souls and equip them to different characters. There are 8 different character classes and your main character happens to be a Dark Assassin. You can unlock 4 classes with ingame gold why the other 4 classes requires gems to unlock. You can also purchase costumes for your characters which will greatly boost their stats.

Screenshot_2014-11-23-19-36-49 kongbakpao_elunesaga_game2 kongbakpao_elunesaga_game3

There are lots of other features you can expect from the game. If you’re bored of Summoner’s War and want a new game similar to it, Elune Saga is definitely worth trying out. The game is currently soft launched in Canada, Mexico, Australia, Spain, Netherlands, Portugal, Singapore and Philippines. Players outside these countries will have to wait patiently for the game but I promise you will definitely not be disappointed. I’ll be posting a gameplay video when the game’s out on iOS. If you know any good mirroring app/software for Android (with sound), do let me know by posting in the comments below.



Android Link
iOS Link




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