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Kemco has released their latest mobile game Asdivine Dios, sequel to their previously released Asdivine Hearts. The game is available now on the Google Play Store with a Premium and Free version. If you’re into JRPGs, you should definitely check this out!

It’s been a long while since a good single player JRPG game entering the mobile world (not counting all the Final Fantasy ports). Asdivine Dios is a full-scale RPG that takes place on a world known as Asdivine, a world among the many worlds the deities have created. However, there was a spate of disturbances that erupted across the globe and an ever spreading murk threatens to destroy it. Players will take on the role of Izayoi, the deity of Asdivine himself trying to save the world he created with his own hands. Unfortunately, suffering from a loss of his own divine powers, is there any hope he can he succeed? Basically, you start out as a noob Deity and train yourself to be better like all the RPG games out there.

kbp_Asdivine-Dios_game2 kbp_Asdivine-Dios_game1

Boasting a voluminous story, an expansive world, treasure filled dungeons, exciting battles, weapon creation, and more, the all-inclusive RPG experience is finally here! Not only does quality, but content also goes hand in hand as players are now able to customize weapons and even combine magic and skills to rack up damage to new heights!

Plus, with more options than ever before, battling it out with hordes of foes has never been so fulfilling! In Asdivine Dios, limitless enemies and loot, a multitude of subquests, and even bosses that will blow your mind await!

*Asdivine Dios can also be enjoyed in its entirety without the need for additional purchases. While in-app-purchase content requires additional fees, it is not necessary for finishing the game.
*A “Premium” Edition that includes 1000 bonus in-game points is also available for download! For more information, check out “Asdivine Dios” on the web!
*The actual price might differ depending on the region.



Free Version


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