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Kick9 has announced today that its internationally acclaimed mobile ARPG, Avalon Legends is now available for download across mobile platforms in the United States and Canada. Originally published in China with over 5 million downloads across the globe, Avalon Legends brought all new innovations to the genre, and today’s launch brings it to North American players for the first time.

Embark on an epic journey through an immersive 3D world complete with 360 degree character control. Fight against the evil sorceress Morgana as you promote, level up and equip your Heroes across a variety of game modes, including an epic campaign, competitive arenas, player challenges and other online competitions.


  • Multiple heroes of varying types, including brute force fighters, skilled ranged combatants and masters of magic, let players create their perfect Hero.
  • Several gameplay modes, including a captivating campaign mode across a mysterious and magical land, PvE challenges to test the strongest of friendships and a variety of PvP options for players, guilds and online rivals.
  • Extensive hero upgrades for gear and abilities allow players to customize their hero and fight back against even the strongest of foes.
  • Immerse yourself in our 3D world with 360 degree character control using easy gestures, taps and swipes!
  • Raise, promote, and fight alongside your very own pet!

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Avalon Legends is now available in the US and Canada’s App/Play Store.

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