(EN) Fantasy War Tactics – Soft Launch


Nexon has recently soft launched Fantasy War Tactics on the Google Play Store. The game is available in Austraila, Finland, Malaysia and the Netherlands. Read on to find out more!

Fantasy War Tactics is your traditional SRPG game made available on your mobile devices. Players will have to conquer different campaigns and through it, recruit new heroes to join your party. Make use of terrains, directional attacks and the combo system to fully maximize your team’s potential and defeat difficult bosses.

Fantasy War Tactics is also one of those rare mobile games that are very story driven. As a SRPG player, we all know that the game’s storyline is actually very important and Nexon did put in great effort in polishing the storyline.


Game Features:

▶ An exciting story full of anime nostalgia!
Make your way through the adventure as an ambitious wizard bent on conquering the world!
We invite you to the world of exotic fantasy, where magic and machines co-exist.

▶ Enjoy a totally different level of strategy!
Build up hundreds of diverse strategies based on terrain, direction of attack, combo system and the “adversary system”.
You won’t be able to take your eyes off from these thrilling battles full of strategy!

▶ An exciting adventure awaits you!
Stories, unique dungeons, challenges, battle of honor (PvP mode),
laboratories, expeditions and more. A diverse array of content awaits you!

▶ Build up your team with mighty heroes!
Meet and join forces with unique heroes by clearing the dungeons!
Grow stronger as you level up, using equipment, “Potential”, and “Rebirth”.

kbp_fantasywartactics_game1 kbp_fantasywartactics_game2

Fantasy War Tactics is currently soft-launched in the Austraila, Finland, Malaysia and the Netherlands Play Store. You can also download they APK and start playing the game! Check out my guide here on how to download APK files.

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