Epic Seven – Global Update 1


Just 1 week after launch, we are getting a new game update for Epic Seven. In this patch, there will be 1 new 5-Star Waifu (Cecilia) and tons of new events and QOL changes to the game!

1. New Hero and Rate Up

A brand new Hero, Cecilia will be joining the fray! Check out her trailer and skillsets!

2. Destina’s Side Story

As the power of Fire grows weaker, Destina, the Spirit Lord of Light, begins her investigation to maintain balance in the world…

Begin Destina’s side story, A Concerto of Light, Fire, and Ice.

■ Availability: 11/14 (Wed) after update ~ 11/29 (Thu) next update

■ How to Enter:

After reaching Account Rank 9, go to the Lobby and tap Battle > Side Story.

■ How to Participate:

A Concerto of Light, Fire, and Ice will be available for two weeks. During the duration of the event, players will be able to collect items called Lucky Rabbit Cookies. Players will be able to exchange them for other items. Additionally, players will be able to receive a variety of items for completing Quests, Achievements, Region Rewards, and so on.

1. The following Heroes receive benefits if used for Destina’s side story.

2. Once players clear all the stages on Normal difficulty, they may play on World difficulty.

3. Players can also receive Urgent Missions while playing a side story.

4. In the side story region, players can acquire 2★ monsters and Catalysts. Players can see this information by tapping the Region Info icon.

5. Once players complete a Quest on Normal difficulty, then the next stage will become available.

■ Rewards


Item Reward Cost Limit
Lucky Rabbit Cookie The Heart of Hypocrisy 170 2
Special Alarm Loop 90 4
Baby Mouse Insignia 90 4
MolaGora Seed 190 1
Giga-Phantasma 250 1
T2~T5 Dungeon Accessory Chest 90 3
Epic Life Rune 130 1
Greater Life Rune 20 3
5 Covenant Bookmarks 60 3
Lesser Artifact Charm 50 3
Greater Artifact Charm 150 1
2,500 Gold 15


Title Reward
Light Spire Expedition 1 1 Leif
Light Spire Expedition 2 1 Leif
Light Spire Expedition 3 1 Leif
Light Spire Expedition 4 1 Leif
Light Spire Expedition 5 1 Leif
Light Cookie 1 30,000 Gold
Light Cookie 2 50,000 Gold
Light Cookie 3 Rare Catalyst Chest
Dark Defeat 1 Silver Transmit Stone
Dark Defeat 2 Silver Transmit Stone
Dark Defeat 3 Silver Transmit Stone
Concerto of the Spirits 30 Skystone
For the Balance of the World 10 Covenant Bookmarks
All Achievements Complete Reward 3 Silver Transmit Stone


3. MolaGora & Goblin Challenges!

■ Availability:

11/14 (Wed) after update ~ 11/22 (Thu) next update

■ How to Participate: 

After clearing stage 6-1. Northern Wind Corner, go to the Lobby and tap [Battle] > [Challenge].

■ MolaGora Challenge!

During the event period, players can only clear the MolaGora challenge once. Players will receive 1 MolaGora after the challenge has been cleared.

■ Goblin Challenge!

Players can clear the Goblin Challenge one time every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. After clearing this challenge, they will be rewarded with 50,000 Gold.

5. Dispatch Mission Upgrades

The cost to proceed in some Dispatch missions has been decreased while the experience and rewards gained have been increased.

Mission Name Required Energy EXP Reward
[1-Support1] Support Flood Rescue 4 2500 16,500 Gold
[1-Support2] Escort Merchant Guild 5 3150 21,000 Gold
[1-Support3] Winter Ruin Reconstruction * 3800 25,500 Gold
[1-Cooking1] Fine Dining 1 1450 9,500 Gold
[1-Cooking2] Noble Dinner 2 3150 21,000 Gold
[1-Cooking3] A Secret Recipe of Royal Family 3 5100 34,000 Gold
[2-Support 1] Decode Mysterious Documents 4 2500 25 Stigma
[2-Support 2] Explore the Forest of Repentance 5 3150 32 Stigma
[2-Support 3] Investigate a Relic of the Archdemon * 3800 38 Stigma
[2-Espionage 1] Explore the Sage Tower’s Labyrinth 1 1450 15 Stigma
[2-Espionage 2] Artifact Treasure Map 2 3150 32 Stigma
[2-Espionage 3] Murder Mansion 3 5100 51 Stigma
[3-Pursuit 1] Forgotten King’s Hideout 4 2500 17 Ancient Coins
[3-Pursuit 2] Labyrinth of Legendary Spirits 5 3150 21 Ancient Coins
[3-Pursuit 3] Witness of a Corrupted Guardian * 3800 25 Ancient Coins
[3-Cooking 1] Sponsor Party Preparations 1 1450 10 Ancient Coins
[3-Cooking 2] MolaGora Soup Delivery 2 3150 21 Ancient Coins
[3-Cooking 3] Cold Chimera Brains Pudding 3 5100 34 Ancient Coins
[4-Pursuit 1] Northern Messenger Chase 4 2500 17 Conquest Points
[4-Pursuit 2] Spy Chase 5 3150 21 Conquest Points
[4-Pursuit 3] Siege Soldiers Neutralization * 3800 35 Conquest Points
[4-Espionage 1] Trap Removal 1 1450 10 Conquest Points
[4-Espionage 2] Ambush Search 2 3150 21 Conquest Points
[4-Espionage 3] Investigate Traitor 3 5100 34 Conquest Points


6. Other Improvements and Bug Fixes

■ Monsters

– On Abyss Floor 50, when Rahel of the Dark appears and the skill Chase activates, the text stating the increase in speed will now appear.

– On Abyss Floor 66, Arbiter Vildred will no longer gain a stat boost after being revived.

– On Adventure 9-3. Shattered Hill, skill icons that were not being used by Otillie have been removed.

– The issue regarding Krau’s Summon Ziegfried skill for both Adventure 9-2. Declaration Field and Abyss Floor 61 has been corrected.

■ Adventure

– NPC Taranor Guard has been added to Adventure 10-3. Dalberg Field.
– Clearing Quest 10-2. Central Force II will remove an NPC and allow entry to 10-4. Crimson Outpost.

■ Guild Changes

– In the Guild Captain Shop, when players purchase the [Guild] Blessing of Knowledge, [Guild] Blessing of Wealth, or [Guild] Blessing of Healing, it will immediately be sent to their in-game mailbox.

■ Arena

– In the NPC Challenge (Hard Difficulty), the heroes Sigret and Cecilia have had their levels modified to match the other Heroes.

– The skillset of the NPC Challenge Cecilia has changed to match the Hero Cecilia.

■ UI

– An issue where a normal monster’s health bar was shown above a Boss monster’s health bar has been corrected.

– An issue where unlocalized text would sometimes appear for a player attempting to change their nickname has been fix.

– An issue where the wrong tutorial displayed for players switching servers after entering the Adventure on World difficulty has been fixed.

– An issue where game settings were not being saved correctly has been fixed. Game settings will now be saved even when changing servers or logging out.

■ Other

– Updated skill descriptions.


  1. Hi, ,I would like to know how to complete the “Reputation mission”: For the Balance of the world.

    I seem to only being able to complete 12/24 stages… so I am stuck there.


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