Epic Seven – Hall of Trials Update


This week, we’ll see an upgrade to the “Challenge” mode.

Challenge contents contain Training Grounds where, depending on the day, players can obtain a variety of Charms. It also contains content where players can obtain limited-time Artifacts or Heroes. However, when you compare the Energy used to the rewards, it seems that players would naturally prefer using their Energy on Hunts, Adventure or other content.

The goal of the original Challenge content was to allow players to use a variety of Heroes with different strategies. However, when a player attains a certain CP they are able to clear any Challenge without much strategy.

Therefore, we will revamp the Challenge and also add scoring content, called the Hall of Trials. Players will be able to purchase Exclusive Equipment using Wisdom’s Gaze which can be obtained from the Hall of Trials. The amount of Wisdom’s Gaze obtained will depend on the grade of the recorded score. The Boss, who appears in Hall of Trials may be changed weekly or the types of debuffs that can be used on the Boss will change weekly.

Players will be able to enter the Hall of Trials using an exclusive token and not Energy. These tokens will be distributed weekly for free and players will also have the chance to purchase them. Players may also have unlimited number of practice battles to ensure that they find a suitable strategy. Tokens will not be consumed for practice battles.

Wisdom’s Gaze. Only certain Heroes will be able to equip Exclusive Equipment, for which a separate Equipment slot is unlocked when the Hero is Awakened to 5★.

Each Exclusive Equipment enhances a certain ability and, when acquired, gives a random stat value and a random Skill Enhance effect. Chloe, Rose, Destina, and Wanderer Silk’s Exclusive Equipment will be added with the 8/22 Update.

Following the update on 8/22, the Hall of Trials will have a four week long pre-season period. During the pre-season period, the boss’s advantages and disadvantages change on a weekly basis.

In conjunction with the opening of the regular season, players will be able to craft Exclusive Equipment at the Alchemist’s Steeple. In the Alchemist’s Steeple, players will be able to use a certain number of Exclusive Equipment as a material and craft Exclusive Equipment with their desired Skill Enhance effect. The higher the Quality Grade, the higher stat value your crafted Equipment will receive, which will increase your team’s overall power level.

Exclusive Equipment is scheduled to be released every four weeks for new Heroes. Newly released Exclusive Equipment will not be immediately available to be crafted in the Alchemist’s Steeple, but rather when a new set of Exclusive Equipment is added, then the preceding Exclusive Equipment will then be able to be crafted.

After this update, with the addition of the Hall of Trials, the regular Training Ground content and time-limited Challenges will no longer be in this area, or will be replaced with new content. Please see below for further information about this.

1. The MolaGora Challenge and the Goblin Challenge are planned to be placed into the Side Story as an event stage.

2. The standard Training Ground will be replaced by the Hall of Trials. For players who have already cleared the reputations for these areas, these cleared reputations will not be erased and will remain unchanged.

3. Special time-limited Artifacts and Heroes were previously obtainable via Challenges. New time-limited Artifacts and Heroes that are released will now be made available via Exchange in the Hall of Trials as temporary rewards.

The Hall of Trial requires time and effort to clear, however, it will satisfy our player’s desire to use new Heroes in unique team compositions.

The update that will occur on 8/22 will also unlock a new region, “Mining City Aakhen,” the third Chapter of Episode 2: Godkiller, as well as the Hall of Trials and Exclusive Equipment. Also, new Heroes await our Heirs. We will post more detailed information about these additions in a separate notice.

Patch Notes 


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