Eternal Sword M – New DLC Update: Mecha Era


In the last 30 days after official launch, there have been more than 5 million total downloads and 250K daily active users! Meanwhile, the store rating of this game is steadily at 4.7/5. Being motivated by players’ passion, we are launching the first DLC update: Mecha Era. In this DLC, you are chosen to repair Space-Time Mecha to sail into the Infinite Galaxy!

Space-Time Mecha and Infinite Galaxy

The Mecha Era contains three parts: Armor Repair, Enhanced Armor, and Galaxy Battle:

A) Armor Repair: Complete specified quests to repair the damaged armor. Your Mecha will be activated afterwards.

B) Enhanced Armor: Equip Mecha gears to increase your CP and obtain better attributes!

C) Galaxy Battle: Start your adventure to the Infinite Galaxy after the Mecha is activated! Keep completing quests to obtain more Mecha gears!

Good Store Rating for a Good Game

It is really an honor the game quality can be recognized by the MMO fans. Players are leaving the comments to appraise the gameplay, graphics and artwork designs!

Overall Gameplay Presentation

For the new gamers who didn’t know this game yet, take a peek at this screenshot video!

Blasting Battle Experience + Time-travelling Background Story + 100% Freedom Character Customization = Eternal Sword M!

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