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In recent years, mobile games are getting more popular because of it’s accessibility. The market started out with casual games such as Candy Crush, Froggy Jump, and many other score-based games to the recent CCG and Gacha-based games. Lately, I believe the most popular casual game would be Line Cookie Run with 30 million downloads in the world.


So! what’s this game about? Imagine cookie run with gacha element. Yup! That’s the best summary I can come up for the game. The game is basically a light-novel/story with a side-scrolling runner game play.

The story revolves around a city that vanished three years ago. The main character who’s a courier, was approached by a loli character to uncover the mystery of the missing city. In their travels, the main character is in-charged of driving his scooter while the loli girl uses her magic to fend off enemies. The game is similar to cookie run where you have to collect spheres of different elements to charged up your Gacha cards. Once the card is fully charged, the loli girl will then be able to attack the enemy. Noticed I use the word “enemies” instead of “monsters”. The “monsters” in this game is kinda weird because they are actually human characters like a basketball-er, baseball-er or your typical waifu girl etc. After 2 tries, I managed to get a SR card thus I declare this game playable and you should try it too!

Here’s my version of a short gameplay video.

Tip: collect all the spheres of the same colour that are grouped together to count as 1 combo, and when you hit 10, you’ll get a “magnetic force” and speed-up ability for a few seconds.

The game’s currently only available on the Japanese app/playstore

Wright Flyer Studios

Android Link
iOS Link




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