Exos Heroes – Tier List and Reroll


Here’s the tier list for Exos Heroes.

Reroll Guide

Firstly… I must say the game is doing everything to deter you from rerolling.

iOS Players – Even if you select Guest Account, you cannot reroll again until 7 days later, thus you will also need to prepare 1930128309128 gmail accounts.
Android Players – You will need to recreate 100000 gmail(S).

  1. Complete all the prologue missions before you can access Summons ~20-30 mins
  2. You will not have enough for 10x Premium Summons therefore, you can either summon 1 at a time (maximum of 6 times) or, complete a few more missions until you get enough gems for 10x ~ 5 mins more
    • Complete Chapter 1 episode 1 > Pick up Free chest in Kuntara, Pick up all Gems in Diary, Pick up gems from Prologue. You should have 710 gems.
  3. If you are going for the 10x pull route, do it on Rate up Zeon Banner.
  4. Below characters are labeled as Gold (Hero), Black (Fated), Fated (Fated)
  5. To reroll, go Settings > Withdraw > Type DELETE (Must be in CAPS). Login with a new email account or wait 7 days to reroll.
  6. Once you are done with your rerolls, you can now use the Selection Recruit to recruit one of the 3 below:

Suggested Selection Recruit Heroes

  1. Baraka (Physical attack)
  2. Anastasia (Healer)
  3. Bernadette (Magic Attack)

Summon Raids

Fatecore (Hero) Hero (Fated) Hero (Legendary) Hero (Rare) Hero (Magic)
1% 3% 15% 30% 51%


Tier List

*Names with titles are the “Alternate Universe (Fate core)” version of the character.
** You can get them through Summons, Cash shop and events.

Character Role PVE PVP Boss Overall
Bathory Attack SS SS SS SS
Descendant of Spirit Bathory Attack SSS SSS SSS SSS
Rachel Attack S SS S S+
Executor of Battlefield Rachel Attack SS SSS SS SS+
Garff Defense B A SS S
The White Warlord Garff Defense S SS SSS SS+
Jinai Chaos B B S A+
Shufraken Defense B S B A
Dragon Emperor Shufraken Defense A SSS B S+
Rudly Attack C C D C
Vegabond Swordsman Rudley Attack SS SSS SSS SSS
Jinn Chaos B A B B
Soft Silver Hair Jinn Chaos B A B A
Xiakhan Defense D D F D
Blue Dragon’s Descent Xiakhan Defense C B E C
Rera Chaos B B C B
Valentina Chaos E E S A
Baraka Chaos A SS S S+
King of Wasted Red Baraka Chaos A SS S S+
Black Moon Baraka Chaos A+ SS S S+
Bernadette Attack SS S SS S+
Anastasia Support S A A A+
Ignite Anastasia Support SS SS SS SS
Bernavas Defense B A E B
Grey Light Princess Defense B B E B
Sabrina Attack A B C B
Chati Defense C E S A
Emma Support E F S C+
Saint West’s Second Queen Support D E S B
Talia Support A C A B+
Uloom Defense A B S B+
Golden-Eyed Ogre Uloom Defense A A SS S
Magi Attack A C C B
Jude Turner Magi Attack S A A A
Ramge Support C C S C+
Heir to the Throne Ramge Support B S S S
Baileysh Chaos C E B C+
Rothbrok Baileysh Chaos S C A A
Valarr Defense E E B C
Knight of Black Sword Valarr Defense C A B B+
Mahar Defense D E E E
Eastern Monarchy Mahar Defense C C C C
Shell Support E F D D
Rood Zeon Attack SSS SSS SSS SSS
Dignified Tantalo Defense A B A A
Wandering Flamemaster Annie Attack S SS A S

*This list is based on a mixture of tier lists from Korean server



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