(FFBE) Unlucky Man’s Guide to Chimera


A new Rift Boss is added in the game earlier today and here’s a simple guide for those of you who are as unlucky as me, who couldn’t get any of the tier 1 characters.

Devil Chimera Strategy



Devil Chimera is not a Magic friendly boss as it has 100% resist to the 3 basic elemental spells (Fire, Ice, Lightning). To top it up, it is also resistant to Poison and all other status ailments except Sleep. However, the boss itself is actually not difficult. In fact, if you’re able to defend against its 3 wave of AOE attack, the rest of the fight is just a time sink.

Boss Attack Pattern

1. Attack – Single target physical attack.
2. Frost – Single target Ice damage. Reduces a certain percentage of your remaining HP.
3. Bolt – AOE Lightning elemental attack.
4. Blaze – AOE Fire elemental attack.
5. Ice Storm – Aoe Ice elemental attack.
6. AOE Poison – Cast twice during battle. Once at 50% the other at 30-25% HP.

Boss Rotation: Chimera will cast 1 of the 3 AOE attacks in the 2nd, 4th and 6th turn. Buff yourself with Barthundara and Barfira first as it is more likely to cast one of the two spells in its first AOE phase.

Battle Preparation

As mentioned above, it is best to bring your hardest hitting Physical attacking team. If you’re not confident with your team, bring along 2 healers. Make sure one of them is able to equip all the Bar-elemental skills. You might want to bring characters with Drain or craft Drain and equip to your characters. In fact, drain is so overpowered in this fight that you can actually solo the boss with Firion alone. However since this is a guide for the unluckies, we’ll not go there.

– Suggested level: 50 and above
– Physical attackers
– Barthundara, Barfira, Barblizzara
– Characters with Drain
– Characters with Physical and magical Buffs and Debuffs
– MP potions if you think you’ll need to fight for super long



You’ll be rewarded with a awesome armour for your Red Mages or Golbez.




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