Final Blade – First Impression


SkyPeople in association with Glohow, had recently launch their first English title, Final Blade, globally. Players who are interested in the game can now download it from your local App or Play Store.

Final Blade is an Oriental style side-scroller RPG with over 300 different characters for Players to collect. These Characters ranged from 1-Star grade to Advent (7-Star).

The character growth in Final Blade is simple yet fulfilling. Characters in the game belong to one of the 5 different classes, Warrior, Assassin, Marksman, Mage and Monk. Each character has its own unique skillset that helps to diversify each class. For example, Warriors can be played as a Tank or Damage Dealer while Mages can be support healers or powerful crowd controllers.

Building your team can be as simple as tapping the Auto-deploy button but to really maximize the potential of your party, Players must also consider the following; The Character Class, Skillset, Formation and Gears.

Getting a higher-grade character in the game can be a little tedious but definitely rewarding. Players will need to max enhance 2 characters and “combine” them to get another character of the next grade. For example, Players only need to Max enhanced 2 characters of the same grade (ie 3-Star) and combine them to get a random new character of the next grade (ie 4-Star). The good news is that, since character levels are scaled to the Player’s level, it is not included in the requirement for “Combine”. If you play the game long enough, it is possible to collect all the 6-star characters without having to Gacha for them. The only down side for this system is that, you cannot upgrade the star grade of your lower grade characters.

The Formation of your party plays a critical role when facing Bosses or during PVP. Each Formation, provides a different buff to the team and when upgraded to a certain level, it will unlock even more buffs. It is important for Players to decide which Formation will help maximize the strength of your party and use them for difficult battles.

Combat in the game is mostly automated while Players can decide whether to manually cast your character’s skill or leave it fully to the Auto function. Most of the time, Players of the Hero collection RPG genre will play their game in auto mode. However, Final Blade has a Spirit system which encourages Players to interact with the game.

Every time an Enemy is defeated, it will drop its “Spirit”. Players will need to manually “loot” the spirits to obtain premium currencies. However, for those of you who really have no time to keep looking at your game, you can also purchase a monthly fairy that will automatically loot the spirits for you.

At launch, there are quite a number of different game modes for Players to explore. First up, we have the basic Adventure mode where we get to learn the lore of Final Blade and also to acquire some basic gears and rewards. Next, we have the Daily Dungeons that gives you important materials to upgrade your gear and your Ultimate skill.

Next, we have the Black Money Stage where you get to earn tons of Gold. The idea is to damage the Wagon filled with Gold as much as possible so that it will drop and you can then pick them up.

The Raid Boss fights in Final Blade is actually pretty interesting and require quite a bit of tactical movement. Unlike most mobile games where your characters will automatically unleash their attacks on the raid boss, in Final Blade, Players will have to avoid the Raid Boss’s attacks manually, to maximize damage in a limited time. For example, you can jump onto different platforms to avoid Fire and Lasers or damage the different body parts to cancel off the attack pattern of the Raid Boss. Most of these attacks have indicators on the battlefield thus Players will need to keep a lookout for them to effectively avoid the attacks. If you’re unable to defeat the Raid Boss, fret not as after your first attempt on the Boss, other players will be able to follow-up and help defeat the boss.

The Destiny mode is something similar to a side-story mode. Players will need to collect a specific set of characters to unlock the stage. Upon completion of the stage, Players will receive rewards based on the difficulty level. If you’re new to the game, make sure you check the required character for each stage before using them as fodders.

What’s worth mentioning is the Endless Tower mode. Unlike most games where you only get to complete the Endless tower once per account or once every month, the Endless Tower in Final Blade resets on a daily basis. You can also quickly skip the stages that you have completed on the previous day to earn all the rewards. Basically, this is the place to quickly fill up your Rice (Stamina). The Endless Tower is definitely one of the end game content that puts the Player’s understanding of the game to test. Not only do you need strong characters, you will also need powerful gears and proper formation to complete the Endless Tower.

What’s a Mobile RPG without PVP. In Final Blade, there are two types of Duels in the game, Team Match and Survival Match. Team Match is a typical 5v5 PVP mode that shows the importance of your party setup. The Survival Match is actually something pretty unique and interesting. This is a 3V3 PVP mode where characters will fight 1 on 1. Whenever a character is defeated, the next character will come into battle to fight with the winner. The game ends when all 3 characters of a player is defeated. This mode actually resembles the old-school arcade fighting games.

Last but not least, we have the Clan system. Players can participate in Clan Wars and Clan Raid Bosses by joining or creating a clan. Clan Raid Boss can only be taken down by members of the same clan. You can send 9 characters to participate in Clan Raid Bosses however, unlike the normal raid boss, the combat is fully automated. Players will have 3 minutes to deal as much damage as possible to the raid boss while its damage will also increase over time.

The Clan War system unlocks at Clan Level 5. You will be able to fight other clan members and earn valuable Clan Badges that can be used to purchase items from the Clan Shop.

To sum it all, Final Blade is a pretty comprehensive Hero collection RPG with tons of content for Players to spend hours and hours to improve your team. I believe the developers have spent a lot of time researching and took the best ideas from different games, rebooted and improve on them. Some of the mechanics may feel familiar but are definitely unique to Final Blade.





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