Final Fantasy Grandmasters Basic Guide


Final Fantasy Grandmasters is a brand new mobile game based on the hit MMORPG, Final Fantasy XI. Here’s the rough translation of almost all the interface you can find ingame.

Disclaimer: I can’t read Japanese so these translations are based on the many past Japanese Game experiences thus the text are loosely translated. 

  1. Basic Interface


  • FFGM does not have any energy system in place. It acts like a real simplified MMORPG.
  • Player Rank – Increase to increase maximum TP, support weapon slots.
  • Gold – use for upgrading, Equipment Gacha
  • Mythril/Gem – use for premium gacha, inventory expansion
  • Cash Shop – 1. Purchase Gems, 2. Inventory Expansion, 3. Change character appearance, 4. Change IGN

2. Equipment


Limit Break – Increase your equipments max level by limit breaking. You will need to collect special materials from quest.
Upgrading Skill – To increase your skill level, you need to feed equipments with the same skill (including I,II,III).

3. Character


3.1 Job Change


There are currently 5 basic jobs to choose from – Warrior, Monk, White Mage, Black Mage, Thief. I’m not sure what is the last hidden job or how to unlock it yet but in FF11, there are 16 other advanced jobs and Red Mage as a basic job. Increase your job level and unlock better buffs for your character. You can change your job any time.

Players can equip sub-jobs to further boost your characters. To unlock sub-job, go to the job quest menu and clear the second last stage.


3.2 Equipment


Like any other MMORPG, equipment is the most important thing that you need to keep up with the harder content. In FFGM, every piece of armour has a passive buff and every weapon has a different active skill. Take note of these skills in the weapon and equip them on your skill slot to use them in battle.

3.3 Support Equipment

In FFGM, players can equip Support Items. A small percentage of your items power will be added to your character making it more powerful. Equip weapons to increase your attack while armor parts to increase your defensive abilities.

4. Gacha


Apparently, they have change the gacha system and it’s now different from the Beta. Remember to choose the correct Weapon based on the job you want to play before pressing the button. If you need armors, you will need to get them from the Gold Gacha. I did 10 pulls in gold gacha but gotten all C-ranked items though. Please let me know in the comments below if its possible to get higher rank items there.

5. Options


Friend List – First Option, Last tab is where you add people and find your own id.

6. Combat



FFGM uses real-time Turn-based combat. At any point in time, players can join in another player’s combat by walking into the monster. A maximum of 4 players is allowed to engage a monster. This is the most important mechanic in the game. If you’ve played the original Final Fantasy XI, you’ll know that leveling alone is near impossible. In FFGM, you will need to party up to complete the more difficult quest (unless you are super rich).

There are some quest that requires you to combat special boss monsters which randomly appear. You will need to keep engaging the same monster type until the “father” decides to come out and take revenge for his kids.

TP is needed to cast your spell/skill. You can recharge TP over time or hit monsters with basic attack to recharge a small amount.
That’s all for now, if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below. I’ll update this page as time goes!



  1. Thanks for the translation! I started playing this yesterday and its a lot of fun so far. I really hope this comes to the west eventually but for now I’ll be playing this version.

  2. Great initial Guide!
    one question regarding the sub job, it seems that it is not like it was on FFXI where the sub job is half level of your actual main job level.
    I find it hard to understand how to keep your a higher sub job level.
    Any advise?
    thanks and keep the good work up!

  3. I couldn’t find how to upgrade skill we get to use by equipping weapons. Japanese players at my level do a lot more damage with same skills. I have S rank weapons and I leveled one of them to 50 but the skill I get from it is still rank (or whatever it is called) 1. Any idea how to get upper ranks of a skill?

    • To raise the skill level, you have to use items with the same skill when doing the upgrade process. I suggest just giving it one at a time for this purpose, it only seems to give a chance, and i’ve not seen it jump more then one skill level at a time. Not sure if this will raise it’s actual rank, (from I to II or III), but it does raise the skill level, which goes from 1-5.


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