Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier – Now Available for iOS and Android


Square Enix has announced the global launch of Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier. Players who are interested in the game can now download it from your local App or Play Store.

Set in the world of Midgar, 30 years before the events in Final Fantasy VII, The First Soldier is a Battle Royale game where Players can pit against other SOLDIERS to reach the rank of SOLDIER: 1st Class.

The first map available for the game will take place in Midgar Undercity where all the familiar locations including the Sector 7 Undercity, Corneo’s Mansion, and a certain house surrounded in greenery. If you have played Final Fantasy VII Remake, you’ll find these locations very similar.

There are a few mechanics in the game that differentiates itself from other Battle Royale games. Firstly, we have the “Combat Style” system which is more like a “Job class” system. Each Combat Style will have its own unique ability that caters to different playstyle.

Next, there are monsters roaming around the map where you’ll be rewarded with items and levels if you manage to take them down. You can even find Bosses or Summon Materia in the game!

However, do remember this is a Battle Royale game so defeating other Players is your number one priority. Don’t let that loot be your next restart button!

Square Enix


Android Link
iOS Link


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