Game of Dice – Collaborate with PSY


Joycity has updated a new collaboration contents with the Korean singer-songwriter PSY together with their Mobile game, Game of Dice. Players now can enjoy matches with a new PSY character and dice in a whole new event map. And to celebrate this collaboration, Joycity will be holding various events.

Game of Dice New PSY Features include:

PSY Character ‘Daddy PSY’
– Perfectly reflects PSY’s personality and performance on stage
– Inspired from PSY’s new song ‘Daddy’
– Specialized in Mini Battle and Toll Increase
– Limited edition character which can be purchased until Jan 22nd
– PSY character voiceover(English and Korean)

PSY Dice
– PSY’s face on a side of PSY Dice
– PSY Dice fragments will be given out for free to everyone who login on Jan 14th, the day of update

Dice Party Map
– Club-themed event map
– Players can collect some event items like Sunglasses, Bowtie and Microphone in the club theme event map (Event items can be used for crafting into other items)

PSY meets Game of Dice collaboration event
– Various events with rewards summing up to 2,500 Gems(in-game cash)
– One of the events will give out PSY Dice fragments to players who win 7 matches


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