Gamevil’s Top 3 Mobile Games Updated With New Content


3 of the top games from Gamevil have been recently updated with new content. Let us take a look at what’s install for us!

Darkness Reborn


New Raid BossMax level players will now be able to battle against the newest raid boss, Thanatus. Defeating Thanatus will reward heroes with various items including the newest item, D coins. D coins can be used to purchase special strongboxes in the shop which contain new Crest Items.

Crest Items: Crest items are the newest item being introduced with the Darkness Reborn update. Crest Items will come in two different grades. Rover Crest will add up to three random stats, while Conquers Chest will reward one crest with up to four random stats.

Server Update: With continued interest in Darkness Reborn growing overseas, Boolean will open a new China server which will look to improve upon connection stability, and reduce server latency for all China players.

In addition, changes are being introduced to the VIP system, as well as improvements to the Village UI making for easier navigation through Darkness Reborn’s menus. With the most recent update coming to Boolean’s Darkness Reborn, GAMEVIL continues to produce and expand on their high quality mobile action RPG’s.



New Quest: Mao’s Special Training: A new set of quests will now be available for players to earn additional rewards via Mao’s Special Training. Unlocked after reaching level 3, Mao’s Special Training will reward players for performing certain feats in game such as clearing a specific level, or unlocking a certain skills.

Daily Dungeon Improvements: Hell difficulty has now been added to Daily Dungeons. Within the newest Daily Dungeon difficulty, rare Astral Shards will now be available to obtain. Additionally, players will now be able to enter the Daily Dungeon up to three times daily at the cost of 10 Stamina.

Dark Valkyrie Improvements: Several of Dark Valkyrie’s abilities have been refined to allow her to hit enemies from an increased range and additional ‘gathering’ effects on certain abilities. This will allow the Dark Valkyrie to have even greater area-of-effect damage throughout all game modes including Monster Wave and Tower of Tribulation.  

Dragon Blaze



New Awakened AlliesTwo new archer awakened allies will now be available for players to obtain. Tinuvian the Poison Fang will require her lesser counterpart Dark Elf Tinuvian while Aura Windlune will be needed in order to receive Dark Elf Queen Windlune. Each hero will need to be at an ultimate enhance level and require 10 Hero Essences in order to create the Awakened versions of each character.

Tower of Validation Improvements: The newest mode, Tower of Validation, will be receiving 20 new floors in which players can play through and earn even more rewards.

Deity Rebalancing: The Quinque Draco, Septem Archangeli, and Boden allies have received several rebalancing changes to their skills.

New Formations: Three new party formations have been added in game. ‘Patient Chivalry’ reduces any critical damage taken by your party. ‘Fire Support’ allows your party to deal bonus damage and ‘Unbreakable Will’ gives your party members increased normal attack defense.


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