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Seasun Inc. has recently published their first Mobile game, Brave Cross. The game is available for both iOS and Android users. If you need a new Mobile game with good humour, read on to find out more!

It’s been a very long while since I’ve played a side-scroller RPG game, as we all know most of them are rehash or rather clones of a certain D.tA.e.a game. I actually enjoy playing games of this genre but the reproduction rate burned me out. One day, while I was surfing the App Store, one of the screenshots for Brave Cross managed to caught my attention as I was thinking, “what kind of game will have Ironman Cannons in Medieval times”.


True enough when I first started the tutorial, I was thinking: “not again”, another clone. However, there was another feature that quickly caught my attention. Brave Cross is actually a mixture of side-scrolling RPG plus Castle Defense. This brings the game to a whole new level of tactical gameplay different from the conventional alike games. Your heroes are no longer invincible and requires sacrificial sheeps soldiers to aid in battle. Players will need to summon soldiers of different classes to counter the troops from enemy NPCs. Each of these soldiers have different strength and weakness. Players will need to think twice before summoning a unit as resources are limited.


Soon, I began to realised that most of the character designs are quite unique and not just re-skin or re-colour from other games. Skills are flashy and cool, the dialogues are especially silly and entertaining while the game’s difficulty is kept challenging. As you progress further into the game, you’ll realised that the battle ground will become more and more messy with tons of troops from both camps. This actually challenges the players to strategize more on which unit to summon to counter the opponent.


As of this post, I’ve yet to unlock the raid system but looking at the screenshot above, I guess I won’t be disappointed.

Now, for the negative review. Like most games of the same genre, P2W is a big issue. Unless you have the patience to play the game for a long time (which for some reason, most mobile players don’t) and slowly strengthen your characters, you’ll soon be hit by a pay wall as the game’s difficulty increases exponentially. There’s also too many banners on the UI that wants to grab some kaching from my pocket.

However, I’ve managed to be in contact with one of their guys and they told me that they will continuously tweak the balance of the game and hopefully shorten the pay wall to allow F2P players to also enjoy the game.

– Create your own unique team with 5 classes, 6 troops, 100+ heroes
– Level up and outfit your heroes
– Battle the Lair, Campaign and Story for more heroes, loot, fun and more!
– Join Guilds and raid monstrous bosses for epic loot, or just to make more friends!
– Pit your team in the Arena and compete for top dog!

Here’s my quick gameplay video.

Brave Cross is out now on both App and Play Store. If you like some side-scrolling RPG action with lots of flashy skills, interesting storyline and challenging Castle Defense element, download the game and try it now!

Seasun Inc.


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