Goddess of Genesis – Reroll and Tier List


Here is how you can reroll and be strong!

Reroll Method

I strongly suggest everyone to reroll on Android as it is the faster way. iOS users can reroll using any of the Android emulator.

  1. Sign in with Gmail account
  2. Complete tutorial stage 1-1
  3. Sadly… SEA version has PAID banner so you can only pull on premium
  4. Collect everything and you can do 13 pulls
  5. Characters you want are highlighted below
  6. You will need to sign in with a different Gmail account to begin reroll.

Tier List

The current list is based on the Chinese server. I will update the list over the next few days as I test them more.

Character Role Score
Lucifer DPS 9.5
Valkyrie Tank 10
Athena Heal 8
Dracula Tank 10
Michael DPS 8
Gabriel Support 8
Abe no Seimei Support 8.5
Merlin DPS 9
Lilith DPS 9.5
Hades DPS 8.5
Mary DPS 7
Isabella Heal 7
Chang’e Heal 7
Tamamo DPS 7
Cleopatra DPS 7

*According to some Chinese guide, you get minimum 2 SSR for first 30 pulls

Budget Team for PVE:

  1. Marco Polo (R)
  2. Sherlock Holmes (R)
  3. Cupid (SR)
  4. Apollo (SR)
  5. Poseidon (SR)


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