Grimms Notes – Western Launch


Flero Games together with Square Enix has announced the launch of the English version of Grimms notes. Players residing in the West can now download the game from your local App or Play Store.

If I remembered correctly, the game did not do well in its initial release and had to went through some big overhaul. Even the global version was delayed for some time for some changes. Now that the game is finally released, I hope that its going to do well!

Grimms Notes is Square Enix’s very own take on the Fairy Tale genre. It’s a side-scroller Action RPG where Players can easily control your characters with 1 hand. Slide to move and Tap to attack, that’s pretty much all you need to win a battle.

At any one time, you can only control your main character while your other party members will automatically attack. However, you get to decide when to use their Skill when it’s fully charged. Positioning of your character is also important as you can do more damage if you attack the rear.

The unique feature about the game is the Soul system. For easy understanding, this is like the Job/Class system from other games. Players can equip any 2 souls (Jobs) and change between them during combat. Changing the right soul to counter the enemies is vital towards your victory.

Lastly, there’s this mini City-builder mechanic where you can build stuff to improve your character.

Flero Games


Android Link
iOS Link


  1. Nice find, so far I don’t see stamina system and co-op mode but I’ll have to keep playing to see if I’m missing anything. Gameplay seem fun so far, you can move your main character and attack at will so not as auto as I thought it wold which is good


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