Heaven×Inferno – iOS Launch


NTT Docomo has announced the launch for their latest mobile game, Heaven×Inferno. The game is currently available on Japan’s iTunes Store. The Android version will be released very soon so remember to stay tune for it!

Heaven×Inferno is the latest mobile game collaborated between NTT Docomo and tri-Ace. The game is what I call a Battery-killer or Heat-pack due to it’s gorgeous graphics.


Heaven×Inferno is a Combo-based RPG where players will chain-attack the enemies with multiple combo moves. Each time you tap a character portrait, you will attack in order of it’s next attack move. Attack Moves can be Up, Down, Normal Attack, Magic Attack and Heals.

The game is called Heaven×Inferno because there are 2 directions you can hit the enemies. Players can either chain combo your attacks upwards, break-through the ceiling and go North to the next scene or hit the enemies downwards, break the ground and head South. At each turn, you have 10 Action Points to spend so use them wisely when chaining your attacks.


Graphically, the game looks superb especially if you download the High Definition version.  However, as I mentioned above, it heats up your phone very quickly thus I suggest wearing a glove to play the game, but then again, your iPhone may not be able to detect your fingers with the gloves on.


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