Hero Buster


Hero Buster is a new tap-battle game that was recently published by Ucube Games. The game has many famous heroes from the Japanese, Chinese and Western History.



The game has a simple story line where you as a Summoner, will be able to take control of famous heroes who have long past on. There are more than 300 famous heroes from the Japanese, Chinese and Western History for players to collect. Heroes such as Nobunaga and Masamune from Japan, Zhao Yun and Yong Chun from China and we have King Arthur from the West. These are just some of the heroes you can find in the game.

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The game is simple and intuitive, just tap on your heroes and it will launch it’s attack. Slide upwards when the SP bar is full and you’ll unleash your hero’s skill. There are a few modes that will keep players busy all day long.

1. Normal Quest / Hero Mode – Quest maps
2. Event Maps – Special Events
3. Adventure – Send your heroes out to collect Gold/Exp Material/Evolve Material/Gears
4. PVP – Fight against other AI-controlled Players
5. Infinite Tower – Push your heroes to their limits and challenge the Infinite Tower (This is where you gain most of your exp)

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The game plays exactly like Brave Frontier with minor variations. Don’t get me wrong, I actually mean it in a positive way. It’s because of this similarity, it allows players to quickly hook on and master the game. What’s more, players will be able to control real-life famous heroes. In my opinion, the game’s art style is so much better compared to BF. The hero’s in the game are cute and some of them hold an unique gag weapon such as Radio, Teddy Bear or a Gatling Gun.

If you like tap battle game such as Brave Frontier or Sword Art Online Code Register, you ought to give Hero’s Buster a try. It’ll not disappoint you!

Ucube Games

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