Hero Cantare – Reroll and Tier List


Here’s is the tier list and reroll guide for Hero Cantare.

Rerolling in this game is easy as all you need to do is reset your data.


  1. Begin tutorial and play the Story Mode until 1-3
  2. Collect Essence of Dimension from Mailbox and Summon the Black-March Bam banner.
  3. Get at least one of better SS Hero (see below) or reset
  4. To reset, tap on the Settings (gear icon) > Account Settings > Reset Data and repeat steps 1-3
  5. Once you are done with rerolling, you can get an unlimited roll chance after completing stage 1-5

Tier List 

This list is based on a Korean tier list in January. It is said on the Naver forum that the ratings for this list is pretty much unchanged as of 26 May (Naver forum).

Character Role Story Arena Advent Boss World Boss
Heavenly Warlord Damage A SS S S
Jade Emperor Daewi Han Damage SS S S S
Witch of the West Mira Yoo Damage SS SS SS A
Sujin Lee Tank C S S S
Max Level Warrior Damage S SSS A A
Light Supporter B A A B
No-name Supporter A S SS SSS
Daisy Supporter A A B A
Odette Damage B B B B
Hilda Damage SS SS A SS
Phantom Thief Liddle Tank C A C C
Master Pooh Upooh Supporter A S S C
Black-March Bam Damage SS S SSS SS
Endorsi Supporter B SSS S B
Hwaryun Support B SS A B
Maschenny Damage SS S SS SS
Urek Mazino Tank B S A S
Valkyrie Supporter B A C B
Haetae Healer B SS B SS
White Damage S S A A
God-Killer Zero Supporter A SS S SSS
Idol Rockcrawler Damage SS S SS C
Green-April Yuri Ha Tank A S A S
Greatsword Warrior Sora Damage A B SS A
Charlotte Damage A S S SS
Chloris Healer S SSS SS A
Yeon’s Flame Khun Supporter SS S SS SS


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