Hunter X Hunter : Battle Allstars – First event!


The first Hunter x Hunter event has begun and with it, comes the CEO of the Hunters Association; Issac Netero. Complete the event map and stand a chance to get a 2* version of Netero. You have 5 more days to farm Netero so hurry~

The 2nd event is tied to twitter. Just go to their event page, click the event banner and authorize your twitter account to the campaign and get 5 free spins per day for the prize. There are 4 different prizes and each can only be claimed once, thus if you have gotten any extra code, you can share them here for the other readers. Also, at the end of the event, if there are more than 1 million spins, everyone who participated in the event will get a free 2* Meruem card! Yes you’ve heard it right, it’s the ant king!


Twitter Event Link


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