Hunter X Hunter Battle Allstars : My Little Guide (Updated)


Are you ready to be a Triple Star Hunter!? If your answer is Yes, read on! Hope you find some of the information I provide below useful as I cover the basics of the game. For a general review and link to the game, visit my review of the game here.


Game Interface


1- Rank (Player Level)
2- Energy (Recharge time = 1 energy per 6 mins)
3- Gold (Required to Enchant your characters)
4- Gem (Cash Currency required for Cash summon of characters, increase inventory/friend slots, top-up energy, revive characters. 1 gem = 1USD. The game will occasionally give out gems for free for a certain period of time)
5- Story Maps
6- Main Menu
7- Event and Material Map
8- Home Page
9- Character Management
10- Gacha Menu
11- Cash Shop (Buy Gem, Expand slots and Recharge Energy)
12- Social List

Individual Menu


9-  Team Setup                                                         10 –   Gacha                                                                            11 –  Cashshop


12 – Social List                                                                          6 – Main Menu

Basic Gameplay
The game utilizes the drag and attack function to defeat enemies. Your party consist of 6 characters, 5 from your own pool and 1 friend helper. At any one time, there can only be 3 characters on the field, however you can swap-in anyone at anytime so that the injured character can rest and regenerate their HP. Every attack generates 1 Nen point, when you have gathered enough Nen points, you can release the skill of your character or swap them out and store your other character’s Nen. Cast all your skills at the same time to receive an increase in damage multiplier.

Unlike most card games, the current best rarity in HxH is 3* (Triple-star Hunter)
Since the beginning of July, they’ve started to include new 4* characters.

Roles of the character denoted on the top left of the card.

Elements (Nen; Aura type)
Enhancers (強)
Transmuters (変)
Conjurers (具)
Emitters (放)
Manipulators (操)
Specialist (特)
None (無)

Leveling your Characters
There are currently 2 different ways to level your characters:
1. Your characters will gain experience points according to the map/stage completed.
2. You can feed/enchant your characters with fodder cards or exp robot.

Leveling Your Character’s Skill
Leveling your characters skill only requires you to feed fodder cards of the same element. However, due to it’s simplicity, the chance of increasing the skill level is a little low.

EXP Chart Based on Chapters (and the current 20% bonus exp)
Map 1

ChapterNo. of Stages / Stamina requiredMoney (average)Rank Experience Character Experience
2-13 / 2 1000120100
2-23 / 21290122110
3-13 / 31615124150
3-23 / 31600127160
4-14 / 42000129220
4-24 / 41400132240
5-14 / 42445134320
5-24 / 42557136340
5-34 / 42647139360

Map 2
ChapterNo. of Stages / Stamina requiredMoney (average)Rank Experience Character Experience
1-14 / 42760141420
1-24 / 43550144440
1-34 / 43050168460
2-15 / 4 4020172520
2-23 / 23190177540
2-35 / 4 3540182560
2-45 / 4 3470223580
3-15 / 4 3960211650
3-25 / 4 4562218700
3-35 / 4 4458225750
3-45 / 4 3960256800
4-15 / 5 5095260900
4-25 / 5 6128267950
4-35 / 5 61222741000
4-45 / 5 57623401050
5-15 / 5 62172951150
5-25 / 5 72603191200
5-35 / 5 72603431250
5-45 / 5 52804121300

Will include the rest when I’m done with it. There are currently 5 maps

Awaken Materials
On average, upgrading a 1*>2* character requires 0* + 1* material while upgrading a 2*>3* requires a 0* + 1* + 2* material card.

Difficulty LevelStamina RequiredMaterials Drop
Easy 100 star material
Medium200 - 1 star material
Hard301 - 2 star material

MondayEnhancers (強)
TuesdayTransmuters (変)
WednesdayManipulators (操)
ThursdayConjurers (具)
FridayEmitters (放)
SaturdaySpecialist (特)


Author’s Comment

Apparently, there are many of you who are playing the game and I guess that’s because of the current popularity of the Anime. I haven’t been playing the game much since launch thus I’m unable to provide my own guide to complete the event maps. However, I will be putting more attention to the game and hopefully, I can solve all your doubts in time to come. As of now, I have a task for you guys and that’s to spread the news about the game and hopefully more people will join our small but growing Hunter community!

PS: you can add me in-game with my Hunter id – 120.126.922
Leave your IDs below and let the hunt begin!

Guide Changelog

– Added Interface translation
– Edited some grammar
– Edited certain outdated stuff
– How to level characters

Will continue expanding on the guide, if you have any questions please leave a comment below~ check back here or Like my Facebook page for any updates.


  1. Sorry before..
    I cant read japanese language cause i’m indonesian..
    My current stamina bar is 27, so i cant play the hard level because its required 30 staminas bar..
    How to upgrade the stamina bar to 30 bars..

    Please help me.. if u know about that please email me with picture which menu I have to choose…

    Thank you before


    • Really? And where do you have to go to do that? If you have a photo of that option or something it would be great!


      • It’s the second option in the bottom bar(Gon) and again the second option for leveling your characters. The best way to level them is to use robots with the same nen(aura) to also level their skills. The third option from Gon is to evolve your character. They need to be max level and you will need the right materials which you can get from the red missions.

  2. Hey. Any tips to beat the hard difficulty of the Chimera Ants red mission? The 30 energy one.

    It’s impossible, even using a Kite from a friend as helper, the damage is too great.

    Until now, I had been able to beat the hard mode of every bonus mission, but the Hisoka one (40 energy) and this 30 energy one are pretty much impossible.


    • I agree it’s hard but it’s doable with 4-5 gems and a good team. So far the best healer is Leerio. He heals 84 hp at max lvl so i recommend him and try to get someone with Kite as a card. Also get a Tank with 1000 hp to take some blows while you heal a damagedealer. Try to get everyone’s ability filled up to to use on the bosses. Most of the time i’ll struggle at wave 3(1 gem) and wave 5(2-3gems)

  3. Wait, when you use the gems, does the fight continues from where it stopped, with the exact same health on enemies? Because if it doesn’t, I don’t see a reason to use gems on that.

    I have a max lvl Leorio as my healer, and I have a max level Ubo(fighter) as tank/damage dealer, with 2x damage because of Kurapika (red eyes). But even with help of a lvl 79 Kite, I wasn’t able to even hurt the final boss. He is too strong, and has imunity to the paralyze from Kurapika.

    I think I’ll just stay on 20 energy difficulty and try to farm the cards that way. Unfortunately, this site made me know of Summoners Wars, and I simply can’t keep playing Hunter x Hunter like I used to play.

    Thanks for your help.

      • Thanks. I’ve used one gem, and was able to beat the mission (and gained that gem back).

        Not the best trade ever, since I wasn’t able to get the special card. Well, I’ll try to get it on normal difficulty while I still can.

    • This is why I haven’t been updating the guide T.T
      Been playing too much SummonersWar.
      Will try to get some guides from other player forums and see how we can overcome this stage later today (latest tomorrow >.<)

  4. Hi ! Can you explain the gem system please ?
    How do you gaign gem and what’s the diference between gold and silver card to gaign characters ?

    • Right now you can get 1 gem daily for playing the game or you can buy them with money. The silver cards use points you get for logging in and playing the game. The gold cards use 5 gems and you get a 2/3/4 star card. Some 3 star cards can also be evolved into a 4 star card but can require items that you can’t get yet. I believe these will be available later.

      • Oh, I was about to ask that. I have a 3* Zeno Zoldiak and a 3* Kuroro Lucifer, and was wondering how to evolve them, since the 2 materials needed that I don’t have yet are a mistery to me. lol

  5. Nice update kongbakpao! My ID is 120.205.683 my main card is Meruem(before people ask 100 people could win this card during the goreinu twitter event)

    • Actually, everyone who twitted could/can refund the card. I got one too, but still hasn’t trained him.

      I’ll post my ID here later. Last week, I’ve received 10 Gems and I have no idea why. So, I’ve used to get 2 premium gachas. I’ve got the same character… twice… in a frickin row.

  6. Just used 40 gems and the result is…
    -2* Hisoka
    -2* Gittarackur
    -2* Kalutto
    -2* Franklin
    -2* Nobunaga
    -2* Chrollo
    -2x 2* Ging (Only one that was new)

  7. Hi!!! how do I find 3* and 4* upgrading materials? the missions offer just 2* materials max… and i need upgrade my character on the “gold” level (3*)for the “Colored” level(4*).

  8. Hi, i cant read japanese so i really appreciate your guide.

    Is it possible to explain each character main and support skills and which combo its best suited?


  9. Hi, I was wondering, but sometimes I earn gems randomly, and sometimes not daily. Can someone please explain to me when I earn gems?

  10. you earn 1 gem for completing a chapter.or defeating all the difficulty levels for an event map. Also, Bandai will periodically rewards players with gem events usually giving out 1 gem/day for a period. Lastly, they do give out gems as compensation to long maintenance or server issues.

  11. Ok ok another question, after this I’m all squared when do I receive the gacha cards? Does it have something to do with the friends list?

  12. Ho guys !

    I could envolved charzcters like gon or killua with card but its not an awakening card ! This looks like a circle with new item like a target !
    Did you know how to gain this sort or cards ?


  13. How do you get the higher upgrade materials? I know you get the first 3 from the daily map, but to upgrade further you need higher ranked materials? 121.300.707

    • You can get the higher ranked materials from the events. Current event drops the blue material although the droprate seems to be pretty low. I think the next event will drop the white/neutral material and hopefully after that all the other materials will be part of the daily maps at 40 stamina or so.

  14. Also what’s the best map to farm money? I’m currently running low because of fusing/evolving. At the last map 4-5-5 i get ~25k per run. is there a better map to farm?

  15. Isnt there a event map that appears rarely once per week that lets you get as many golden robots for you to sell?? i just could played the first two stages and i dont remember if there is a certain day and/or hour the appear

    It would be great if someone knows about this

  16. So i must add two things that might be useful

    1- the “money event” (couldn’t think another name) its active Sundays 1pm in Tokyo/Japan, so if you are interested in it; you just have to wait and see what time correspond to your respective country (mine is saturdays 11 pm)

    it has the simbol of a coin

    2-i could borrow a phone for a while , so i tested the option to transfer your account, and its pretty easy, just like Kong posted in the option for transfer the game gives you a password, you just have to save that password and thats it!!

    When you need to move all on another phone or maybe in the same phone because something happen(factory restore for example) just insert the password in the green option that appears a the beginning and it synchronize all.

    Sorry for wrote all this with such big gramatical mistakes but im at work.

  17. Guys help!!!!!! I saw some kind of message when trrying to open the game when i click in it send me to nanco mainpage after enter with my id it gives me some long password for what i think is Goreinu gacha but how do i get it?!?!?!?!?!? Where i can make the exchange?

      • It worked!! Thanks

        But now seems there is another update for the game i already downloaded the “new apk” but it doesnt install,

        It seems you use ios/iphone for th game, but by any chance do you know where i can get the update for android?

  18. Hi folks, since this could be considered the general theme may i ask some things?

    First is there somemething happen with the game today? i ask since there is still no new weekly event, also because today there has been something out of place;

    for example today is still active the daily Manipulation event to get materials

    But for some reason the robot event is from emission

    Also at this hour (10PM Japan) the money event is active

    this never happened before so i must ask

    PD: another thing they wont give more free gems? i usually get one per day but now i dont get any,

    Thanks to the oes tha can answer this

  19. Please someone tell me how to download this game:( im indonesia people, i can’t understand the languange please teach me how to download

    • gampang kok.

      IOS :
      1. Setting / iTunes & App Store
      2. Apple id / View apple id / Country/Region / pilih 日本 /
      3. billing info pilih “none” / ganti postal code jadi 160-0022
      4. next/done.
      5. go to apple store / search “hunterxhunter battle allstars”
      6. download 🙂

      ANDROID :
      1. download “tigervpns”
      2. pilih lambang bendera sebelah kiri bawah dan ganti jadi “japan”
      3. connect
      4. go to play store / refresh id / search “hunterxhunter battle all stars”
      5. download 🙂

  20. Anyone know what are the materials needed for the “2nd evolution type”? For example, Gon, Kurapika and Wing have 2 possible evolution for 3-star

    • You need these Orbs/Bubbles(?)

      As you can notice you need to lvl up first to be used, the first time this new material was released were during Wing and Zushi event, there are two kind of this things

      also can you post the secreenshot of the megaevolution for wing? i mean the black silhouette i kinda interested because none seems to have it posted yet, ( also for Illumi megaevo)

      • It seems not logical since we have to get higher star hunters to get materials for higher star hunters. The question would be, how can newbs like me get a 4 star card if it requires 4 stars to complete a mission. 🙁

        • Well you have to take in count that you’re supposed to buy gems to get most of those Gachas even if you cant buy gems i’m wouldn’t call it ilogical, but i get your point, to be able to clear those event you need at least one 4* gacha but more than that is that you have to make a good strategy to beat the mission.

          I could get some good gachas like Netero, Shot and Knuckle this week i already have 6 Uvo(well mostly thanks to the Kurapikas in this one) making good choices.

          So you just have to keep playing eventually you will get 3* Materials (some weeks ago they give for free one of those material for Conjurers and Enhancers)

    • yes i managed to reach to 55th floor in Heavens Arena, he was a nice adition, but just yesterday i could get a 3* Pitou and after using all the robots i evolve it to his 4*, surprisingly it doesnt need any 3* Material for evolve!!

      now in on my way to get 4* Netero since i could get 12 silver jewels in Vs Uvo event so i just gonna buy the 3* Enhancer material

      Hey you said that you have Biscuit tank right? it might be really really helpful when Wing event comes again, since i would like to get those Bubbles/Orbs for Mega-Evolve

      • Yeah, Pitou is like Kurapika, it was released before those new materials, so you don’t need that to evolve them to 4*. I really want a Pitou, but guess I’ll have to go with the new 4* Machi as soon as yellow material day arrives. I have enough 3* materials to evolve Machi, Zeno and Feitan.

        I’ve also 4* evolved my Chrolo yesterday, and I have enough silver coins to buy material to evolve something. But I have 1 Enhancer Material, and enough to buy another one. I’d need to choose between evolving:

        Netero, Tank Gon, Phinks and Castro. =/

        I also have a Gon, a Killua and a Kurapika waiting to be Mega Evolved, and have no materials for that. Who should I evolve first, by the way, between the three of them?

        I also did only one Premium Gacha this weekend, and lucky me, got a 3*. Unlucky me, it was a 3* that I already have, and that can’t even get skill ups, Fighter Biscuit. =/

      • How did you get the silver jewels from Uvo? I’ve fought the 30 energy map 5 times and I haven’t got anything but normal choco robos and some red jewels.

  21. Hi,
    Can someone help me?i don’t understand that skill system,i only know that i have to fodder the same gacha to get a skill but i did it and nothing happen…i have gachas with max level can i get skills for the gachas or is it to late…sorry for my english and thanks for the help:)

    • From what I’ve read earlier, if your gacha is Max level, and has max level on his ultimate skill, you can’t get abilities from feeding the same type of card. But they’re going to fix that soon.

        • I don’t understand japanese, but one of the updates on the official site made me understand that if the card you are feeding has less stars then the card you’re trying to get the ability on, it’s not 100% garanteed that you’ll get the ability.

  22. Hey! I tried to play today and it appear a strange message (not the message of the update that appears normally when the game gets and update, this is longer). What can i do to play it again? 🙁

  23. What’s the amount of slots that is increased with each gem? And the friendlist?

    Is the energy recovered also for celestial tower?

  24. Hi, do you know how to reset the game ?? Because i want to restart from begin again.

    Beside that, about the upgrading a 1*>2* do you mean our card star level ?? And it can be upgraded to higher level with the “robot toy” card ? or any awaken materials card ??

    Anyway your guide really helpful….


    • You need to transfer your account to another device and reinstall the game on your original device to reset. If you don’t have another device, you can use emulators on your PC such as BlueStack.

  25. Is it just me or the quest map have stopped on area 4 and stage 5? So…how are you guys able to level up quickly? Event maps are harder. Often needs to revive using gems.

    • Do the Area 4 – stage 5 until your team is leveled (or do the robot quest of the Nen aura day of your gacha, and feed
      your gacha with the robot), then try the weekly event from the lowest stamina cost…is the only way 😉

  26. Damn, new patch, 5* Kurapika has new stats and abilities, we get a 5* Zeno and 5* Silva, who both look really strong.

    And a few new Extreme Evolutions, as if I didn’t have enough of those to make already. =/

  27. Hi guys im from argentina, im playing this game i have been playing this game for 2 weeks and im lv 53 rank, i farmed in the last event the kuroros one at normal mode and with a low chance droping gold upgrade cards i still need 1 for gon, the 1 that seems like a sun do u know where i can get them in pitou event? i only can play it in easy mode because the ants hit really hard, and im looking for a good tank, which 1 you guys recomend thx

    • If you mean the 2* red material you can either get it by waiting for the event mission(i think the enhancer was yesterday) or buy it in the biscuit store. It should cost 15 red gems.

    • It is better if you evolve to a 3* your Ikalgo for the 100% of chance…at least you have to use as feed 2 x 2* Ikalgo at the same time for a good chance of success 🙂

    • It is better if you evolve to a 3* your Ikalgo for the 100% of chance…at least you have to use as feed 2 x 2* Ikalgo at the same time for a good chance of success 🙂

  28. Hello, I’m French and I just want to know, I have Silva 5* and Morau 5* but I can’t put together in the same team ? I’ve seen lot of people with 2-3 charas members with 4* ??

  29. Hey, as far as I know there are different evolutions for some characters; those that require basic materials and ones that require orbs?(item No.951 and 950) I’ve gotten the required orbs but only the evolution with basic materials allows me to evolve. I was wondering if anyone could please help me with this problem, many thanks!

  30. Ana, i played since 2-3months, there was a astuce in story mode to rank up fast with the last mission who gave 3500xp but since the update, it’s 1700xp now..
    Yes you can add me on fb, check Warren Frl

  31. I’ve been playing a while now
    Love the Tenkuu tougijou events, even if I don’t do that well.
    But yeah discussion board would be awesome!

    Rank 103

    I just spam the level 30 event dungeons for exp

  32. Can anyone tell me how to redeem i just started it was asking for
    User id secret code and i think serial number and i think i got that

    But user id and secret code i have no idea i tried anything and what user id and secret code theyre asking

  33. Hi! Great guide you have here! It really helped me! But I have a few questions; what are the Awaken cards for, and how do I use them? Are they used in the Evolve section? I am really confused rn and could you please help me?? Thank you!!!!

  34. Can anyone help me please how to evolve the character? I beginner but please help me, my gon alredy lvl max but i dont know hot to evolve it? Can someone help me pleaseeee

  35. Hi to evryone ! i’ve a question .. there is some daily mission ?? to recived more gem because i’m rank 46 but my team is not very strong and i want to do a awesome team !
    Thanks for all
    add me on fb —-> Andrea Torresani

  36. Hi to everyone ! i’ve a question .. there is some daily mission ?? to get more gem because i’m rank 46 but my team is not very strong and i want to do a awesome team !
    Thanks for all
    add me on fb —-> Andrea Torresani

  37. Does anyone know or have an english HxH group chat? I need help, anyone willing to help would be greatly appreciated! My Line is “chris1898” or if you use a different app to chat I’ll download it, thanks for reading!

    • Hi! i’m an Italian man .. we can help each other out … i use what’s app or we can chat on fb ! if you want add me On Facebook: Andrea Torresani

    • I can’t see the image you posted but maybe the gold writing is the one that says that character is currently set in one of your teams

  38. Nice guide.

    On this most recent event with Neferpitou, sometimes it drops a card that’s Kite (as dead puppet) which is actually an awaken card.

    It’s a bit frustrating I worked out almost all of the features but this awaken card is a new thing for me. I know what to do with other awaken materials but no idea what it does. I’ve got three of them and more are likely to drop..

    • it’s ok now I found the answer at

      カイト/慕情の戯具 x1 is needed to evolve ゴン/終わりの覚悟【★4】

  39. Do you alredy have an account on your device? (if I can ask: why do you wanna delete your account?)
    Anyway, if you delete the app you don’t lost your account ( I think ), so the fastest way to put a new account on your device is to take a different device, download the app, make a new account and then tranfer it to your mobile using the code for the Account tranfer (put it in the menù that appears when you press the green down right button at the starting page, before the log-in) ….in this way your current account will be lost forever

  40. a question, the materials are in any product evolution? Japanese not i did not hear anything. please help me. i’m spanish ,i really like the game

  41. please help me! I accidentally moved all the items I had on the “mobile” which were a lot so now my inventory has 124 when it only has room for 75 so now I can’t play; when I try playing I get this usual message like “you have too many items” with three options but I’m scared I will lose those items, which option should I choose??

  42. Hi, how do you awaken chracters passifs ? i know that to upgrade skill you need to fuse them with card with same elements, but i dunno about those passifs, ty.

  43. Hi. I wanna ask something.. And this is kinda bothering me, so what i wanna ask is “how to use an item with a medic simbol on the left top corner?”

  44. Hi guys, i’m a french player who want to try this game but of course this game is japan. My question is if anybody knows how to change the language of the game??? (I’m sorry about the quality of my english)


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